Balance is a key spiritual lesson that could manifest in numerous different ways. It could be a balance of love and wisdom, a balance of the worldly and spiritual, or a balance of the positive and negative.

Balance, or unity, of love and wisdom is letting both inform and inspire each other. To love is to serve. Wisdom is knowing how best to serve.

Love without enough wisdom could lead to an interference in another’s learning of their life lessons

— for it often seeks more to please or to control, or both, than to truly serve.

Wisdom without enough love could lead to all think and talk without any being or doing — for it often lives more in the head than heart.

Power happens when there is a unity of love and wisdom. When we are able to say something wise and with love, we can feel there is an exceptional power in our words. A power that can transform and effect real, positive change.

Balance, or integration, of the worldly and spiritual comes from fulfilling both our worldly and spiritual needs.

To only fulfill our survival, sexuality, self-esteem, and social needs and neglect our spiritual needs is to activate our lower chakras but not our upper chakras. Due to insufficient faith and trust in the unseen and unknown such an imbalance tends to result in existential issues.

To only fulfill our need for faith, intuition and higher consciousness and neglect our need for the worldly is to activate our upper chakras but not our lower chakras. Due to insufficient prana powering our energy system such an imbalance tends to result in health issues.

Balance, or detachment, refers to not being attached to having only positive experiences and emotions all the time. It is a freedom, a liberation, that comes from seeing the Creator and finding peace in All That There Is including both the positive and negative — within and without.

Balance is when our heart is open and magnanimous enough that we are able to accommodate and accept not just the positive but also the negative, thereby transmuting the negative into the positive through the power of love and acceptance.

Balance is when our mind is clear and aware enough to know that negative situations are never completely negative and if we could find something positive out of the negative, we would be able to transform the negative into the positive through the power of resiliency and ingenuity.

Such an earthly experience and lesson of using love/light to transmute and transform the negative into the positive, while being subject to the veil of forgetting, is quite a precious opportunity that isn’t available in the higher dimensions from which many of us came, where there just aren’t as much of a veiling to limit our awareness and as much of a negative environment for us to learn from.

Paradoxically, we have come to a place of lesser love/light to learn more about love/light. Essentially though, we have come to somewhere relatively dark so that we may learn how to dispel

the dark. We have come to uncover the light within the dark and discover how light might triumph over the dark.

In furtherance of the evolutionary process of the Creator knowing more and more of Itself, any knowhow thus learned and spiritual strength thus gained would then enable us to explore new and somewhat similarly challenging frontiers of Creation that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Experiences and emotions may be negative, but our inner state of being can always be positive, for the Creator and Its Creation will never give us more than what we can handle.