Be at Peace

Our year-long Mindfulness Meditation series is coming to an end. I am truly impressed with the dedication shown by participants in the past 12 months. I am also very happy for those whose spiritual gifts are opening up or have become more sensitive. Congratulations!! One of you shared your experience of crying during one of the meditations. This is a cry of Joy as you have a meld with your soul and feeling you are HOME. It is a sense of awakening to your true essence of who you truly are. Once the meld has occurred, the efficiency of your spiritual DNA (the > 90% part that is elusive to scientists) will increase gradually over time as our Earth vibrations move towards Light Consciousness. Eventually, everything will fix itself naturally as you move into Synchronistic mode. Illnesses can be wiped out; Karma can be erased, and you can create the kind of life you so desired. But be patience, as Gaia recalibrates. weather patterns will change, upheavals will happen on all levels in economy, politics etc. Those of you with newfound spiritual gifts, may have to hone or fine-tune them. You may have a dominant spiritual gift Eg. Remote viewing but as you raise your vibrations more and more, all your inner senses across the board will open up. This is because we are all Light Beings, and we are merely reclaiming our true essence. Hence, one may also become a Clairaudient, intuitive, clairsentient etc.

I know the world may seem to be chaotic at the moment. The battle between Dark and Light is on-going. Light is active. Darkness is not and darkness exists in the absence of Light. Darkness cannot exist by itself. If we shine or hold our Light within, darkness disappears.

Amidst the chaos in our world today, one can still be at Peace. Peace starts with you, you, and you. When we are at Peace, we are merely an observer of the Push and Pull (Duality or Ying and Yang) Consciousness that is going around us. It doesn’t mean that we do not care. It simply means that we are not part of the Old Energy of Push and Pull that can snowball into massive chaos depending on collective consciousness. When we are at Peace, in this space and moment, healing occurs, and one is connected to the Source. Solutions may present themselves in the most unexpected ways. Therefore, strive to be at Peace every moment, 24/7.

As we are ending the Mindfulness Workshop, I will be starting a new workshop.

NEW! Healing/Meditation Group. Details TBA.

I leave you in Peace, Love & Joy.

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