I never realized how negative my thinking was until one day I noticed my mind chatter. One day, while I was focused on coloring a Mandala, I was clearly hearing my thoughts in my mind in the background – judging and criticizing others, making negative comments about others and myself, complaining about my life, etc., I was absolutely stunned by the realization of how negative my mind was! What made me even more shocked was becoming aware that the negativity was running and playing all the time in my mind and I never knew it was there! This mind-chatter was very subtle, but when I truthfully listened to what it was telling me in the background, I realized it had powerful control over my life and me on a daily basis. I was both a slave and prisoner of my own mind until I discovered it. I had a very clear knowing at that moment that it actually was the source and the root cause of dis-ease in all areas of my life!  Since that day I made a pact with myself to change it positively!

How can I shift my mind from negative to positive? First of all, I need to be aware of my Self. The mind is subtly controlled by the Self-aspect of our being. The Self-part of me has access to my soul memory. It brings all the past life energies out to protect its survival. It uses all unexpressed thought, emotions and feelings in my soul memory to stop my soul growth. It controls my earthly life through manipulating my mind negatively. Therefore, I need to pay close attention to my thoughts and thought patterns, especially be aware of judging and criticizing others. Whenever I am aware of it, I need to stop it immediately and deliberately make a positive change on the conscious level; such as saying a positive affirmation, or simply make a command, “stop”, I no longer need it in my life any more, “cancel, cancel, cancel”, or other positive affirmations to confront the negativity. In this way, I can gradually change the thinking patterns.

Secondly, I learn to speak my truth quietly and clearly with love. Speaking without harshness is the key. Let the person know by saying what I am going to say is my own truth, I am not criticizing or judging, then speak it quietly and clearly with love from your heart, without anger or scorn. If the person does not accept what I say, I just need to detach emotionally and let it be. All that matters is that I have expressed myself by speaking my truth. This allows me to release the energy, not repress it.

Thirdly, if I cannot express myself verbally to another, I need to write it and release the energy in this way, I can either send the letter or destroy it. It is important to free myself of the energy so that it does not become disease.

The Chakra system in my body is the spiritual part of me. It is my responsibility to keep it clean and balanced. All healing tools and modalities can assist the release and clearing process, however, if I do not learn to not allow my Self to control and manipulate me, if I do not change my thought patterns, conditioning, habits, repeating patterns and beliefs, I will continually create energy blocks in my chakras. So it is my responsibility to make this change. I, alone, am responsible for creating a life I want!