Be One with Gaia (Mother Nature)

I am sure some of you have heard of the third language. I have also mentioned it in my last class. The third language is not a verbal language. It is a language of Love & Light, a quantum aspect of nature around us. Those who are able to communicate in the third language is connected to nature (fauna & flora). Tree huggers can tell you that the trees whisper and heal them.

In our hustle-bustle lives, we are so caught up in Survival mode that we forget to connect with nature. Hence, the New Age therapy of ‘Forest bathing’ is sprouting out and making its way into modern societies. Forest bathing first emerged in Japan in 1980s as a psychological exercise called shinrin-yoku (Forest bathing). In this therapy, one goes into the forest, taking in the forest atmosphere and ‘bathing’ (no actual bathing taking place) in the life-force of the forest. One also immerses oneself by meditating and opening up all senses to connect with nature. Sounds New Age? Well, may I say that you can do this in your own backyard or garden. Even in your own balcony. Let me illustrate further.

More than a decade ago, we lived in Boston. My garden was limited to an approximately 10×10 feet square area. I planted tomatoes mainly, but they never came to fruition in time for harvest because of the cold New England weather! Nevertheless, I talked to my plants daily and they grew well. One day, I had an argument with my husband and was mad. I went to my balcony and sat in the reclining chair. Instantly, I felt an envelope of Love and Light embracing me. It was so beautiful, and my anger dissipated instantly!! I knew my plants were embracing me with their Love.

I am very blessed now that we have a 0.4-acre yard in the suburb with the woods in our backyard. No shortage of trees! Fall is the time when the trees shed their leaves and go into hibernation, strengthening their roots even more. I am also so blessed that Terra’s bus picks her up 2 houses away from us. When she was in elementary school, I would sweep the leaves in our driveway while keeping an eye on her. We have a leaf blower, but I prefer to sweep. One day, a parent who passed by told me that I swept my driveway in a zen-like manner and made him want to sweep his driveway too. Haha, I am not sure zen or not, but I do enjoy my yard work. Sometimes the leaves literally ‘dance’ for me. At times, they are playful and like to play a game of chase. I never feel tired working in my yard. Time seems to stand still for me even when I am actually working for hours in my yard. I am truly blessed without any aches or pains and am able to enjoy physical yard work. Gaia heals me and when I do gardening, I enjoy nature’s orchestra, birds singing, frogs croaking, crickets chirping and the 4-leaf clovers call out to me.

I would like to mention that my daughter’s name, Terra-Mei means ‘Beautiful Earth’. I was given her name in the shower when I was about 5 months pregnant. I heard a voice saying, “baby’s name is Terra-Mae.” My husband rejected the name ‘Mae’ because it sounds too southern, so I switched it to ‘Mei’ in Chinese means beautiful. I taught her about medicinal herbs when she was little, and she enjoyed foraging with me. Now as a teen, electronics seem to be her preference. Oh well.

Gaia is called Mother Nature because of its nurturing, loving and benevolence nature. Gaia has a Consciousness and Gaia sustains life on Earth for without photosynthesis, there will be no life on Earth. When one is connected to Gaia, one is also connected to the Source/Divine. Gaia’s role is to support humanity and usher us to the New Energy, so why not start your healing today in your balcony, garden, or backyard? Start to communicate with Gaia in the third language.

I leave you in Love & Light

Update: I am waiting for the daylight saving to kick in before I schedule the upcoming Healings/Meditation workshop because of the different time zones. To register, please PM me.

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