Be Your Own Master

Many people are searching for answers outside of their traditional dogma which doesn’t seem to be working for them as World Events are sweeping us all up in its wake. It reminded me of an event Margaret, and I supported in a little suburb in Seattle back around 2007. I thought it was timely to repost as so many people are seeking new thought, purpose and meaning in their lives.

Have a great month, try to stay positive and stay in your own lane; that’s where your answers and learning are!


It Isn’t a Religion

Margaret and I were recently asked to give a talk to a small informal group of people. None of the attendees were familiar with us and it was kind of a spur of the moment event in a little suburb of Seattle that I would term “progressive” or “forward thinking.” We knew we would probably only get 10-15 people but felt the need to support the individual that called and was trying to generate interest in the alternative thinking area.

Off we go with no expectations and the trust in those upstairs to guide us through topics that would be appropriate to a group that we didn’t have a clue about. The environment was very progressive, and all sorts of people wandered by, and we finally decided to speak about an hour later than planned as a few more people showed up. We ended up with about fifteen and the discussion began.

For those of you reading this that are familiar with our web site and the teachings of Maitreya, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s all about facing your fears and learning to be “Your Own Master.” Throw in astrology as your road map to the lessons that you have chosen to experience and learn from in this incarnation along with the past life energy you must conquer to learn those lessons and that pretty much sums up the writings of Maitreya.

Margaret and I proceeded to give an overview of the Maitreya teachings against the backdrop of our own experiences. While we can laugh at the experiences as we teach and make fun of ourselves, as all of you know, the lessons when going through them, can be quite challenging to say the least. The only thing constant in the evolution of the soul is change. The lower self-part of you keeps you trapped through fear of the past and fear of the future, whereas the higher self-part of you knows that the universe will put things into place to allow you to experience what the soul needs at this point in time. There are no accidents, only experiences.

The event went very well and our message of how we live our lives was very well received. But as we always state, according to the teachings of Maitreya, this is our truth and some, all, or none of it may resonate with you and that is fine. Becoming your own Master is following what resonates with you. Strive to find your truth and focus on your truth, don’t waste energy trying to change somebody else’s truth and you will not only find your passion, but have the energy to move you through the challenges of your truth.

At the end of the event, a young girl of seventeen that happened to be visiting the area and wandered into the event came up and said what we were saying really resonated with her and could I tell her the name of our “Religion.” I said we don’t have a religion; the teachings of Maitreya are about becoming your own Master, not giving up your power to anyone. A close friend once told me that Religion comes from the word Re-Legion, which means to give your allegiance to someone else. Maitreya’s message to us is to not abdicate our power by giving it to anyone. You have to live the experience, why not be the Master of the experience? Because after all, you are the creator of your own reality.