Beauty – a channeled writing

Beauty is found within a person, it is not the outward appearance that you are all concerned about. Although inner beauty will appear through the eyes of a soul.

We find many of you judge others by their beauty, but look again and see if you are not just seeing the faults of yourself as you look at another, and making a false judgement on your own insecurities.

Every soul is a Spirit and every Spirit is whole and perfect in the sight of God. Every Spirit is beautiful in the eyes of God because they are part of Source and can be nothing but perfect Love.

When people spend time in meditation and merge with Source, they feel the perfect beauty of being One, of being whole and then they realise there is nothing more important than making this their main goal of this lifetime.

Once you’re committed to your spiritual path and you feel yourself being guided closer and closer to your Source, you feel the wonder of it and the beauty in all things, because the essence of God is IN all things.

It is our ego self that creates the hardship, anxiety, doubt and fear, so we have to recognise from which part of our mind our thoughts and words are coming from.

Become aware of your thoughts and even if you are thinking really negative thoughts, just stop and say, “Ah, that’s my ego saying that”, and then you can know it’s not a beautiful, pure thought from your Higher Self, and you can be relieved and say, “Oh, that’s ok then, that’s just my ego trying to trip me up again. Trying to stop me from progressing.”

So instead, you can listen out for inspiration from your Higher Self, your inner voice, your Source, and act on this instead.

Remain positive and rely on your inner Beauty.

An affirmation to say every morning on waking:

“I let go of my ego thoughts and let God into my heart.

I let go of my fears easily.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.

I am Spirit, whole and innocent,

All is forgiven and released.”

With love, as ever