Being Aware

First and foremost, Miss Margaret departed us 7-years ago this month on July 13, 2016 @ 4:52 am in Renton, Washington for you astrologers. What a blessing she was to me and to all those she touched and continues to touch through all the Maitreya writings and channelings on the website. Many feel her presence in their everyday lives as she continues her work from the other side of the veil as she called it. I sometimes have to pinch myself as I reflect on our 12 years together. “Lucky Me” as Jean would say!

The figure of speech, “Being Aware” has many different levels of how we view or perceive a particular thing or situation. The definition of “Aware” in the dictionary lists Conscious, Alert, Attentive, Cognizant, Mindful, Concerned, Informed, Knowledgeable, Perceptive, or Discerning to name just a few. If we could readily apply one of them to our everyday experiences that often turn into trial and tribulations, rather than get lost on our emotions, we would be putting our energy into try to assess the lesson or learning experience the Universe is trying to bring to our attention rather than throwing our anger, frustration, disappointment etc. at ourselves or someone else. For me Jean and Korinne are an easy outlet, I continue to try and do better and fortunately they are patient with me!  As of late, I’ve really struggled with the most minimal of jobs or tasks. I’ve experienced my own frustration, anger, anguish, disappointment, and even laughter as I’ve inefficiently worked through a simple task or situation. The only reason I continued most of the time was Maitreya’s axiom of “There are no accidents or mistakes, just learning and testing opportunities.” We often lose focus and/or perspective of the big picture when things are not going our way.

Maitreya would often comment, “there’s no learning in the comfort zone.” Unfortunately, often times, the above reactions are some of the initial feelings of emotion that come roaring to the surface during our trying or uncertain times. These reactions or feelings of frustration or despair cloud our ability to “Be Aware” of the learning experience or opportunity that is being presented to us. It may be a lesson of trusting in the process, learning patience, detachment or even perseverance. If you’re like me, as I’ve mentioned many times before, it’s easy to get distracted by the emotions of the moment and miss the lesson or reward the Universe is trying to show us.

I remember a simple lesson in “Being Aware” that I experienced shortly after Margaret passed. Money was tight and we were all processing her sudden departure from our lives. I was in a state of loss/shock and probably disbelief relating to the situation I was now in due to her sudden departure. I decided to start walking which provided me time to reflect on the sudden changes to my situation. It provided an environment of solitude to process my thoughts and emotions. I then had the urge to get an elliptical machine to help elevate my heart rate thinking that would assist my health. I looked up ellipticals on the internet and saw that the cheaper ones were around $500 and pushed the idea aside since cash flow was tight, and in my mind, I couldn’t justify the expenditure. Well, the Universe had other ideas. I am not sure whether I was being rewarded for something or there was a long-term plan to keep me healthy, but this crazy thing happened. We were shopping at a large department store and as we were walking down the aisle, I saw this large worn box that was being held together by tape blocking most of the aisleway. I glance at it and to my surprise I saw the words Elliptical on it with a markdown sign to $76 from its original price of $499. I quickly decided, this is no accident and don’t fret about the packaging and make the purchase. I used it for 2 years and then bought an upgraded one that I continue to use 7-years later. So, even though I was stuck in my own thoughts and world, I was “Aware” in my mind, that there are no accidents. Maybe I manifested just what I needed. LOL! I think I can say, this Elliptical machine magically appeared, I just needed to be Aware!

Ironically, Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #58 – Movement discusses the positive aspects of movement and releasing energy, Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #4 – Awareness is also a nice reminder about being Aware of how our emotions affect our life.

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