Life is a journey and for the most part it is a struggle. We can say it’s not, put that superficial smile on our faces, lie to ourselves, but in the end when you contemplate your life honestly; it is not an easy road. We struggle with others perception of us and the perception of ourselves to others. We’re constantly struggling with how we feel about something as our emotions play countless games with us. Just when we get on top of it, someone or something tends to pop up and then the emotions try to drag us down or consume us depending on our temperament or the situation.

Being with Margaret, I have been around countless individuals whose lives and problems make my life seem like a doddle. But that is in retrospect or comparison, but as I was living through the circumstances, they were very real to “Me” at the time. We all are unique and have our own crosses to bear or learning experiences to learn from if you want to put it into metaphysical jargon.

As I look back on my journey, I have to thank those that pushed me or motivated me to be more than just the “Me” as I was at the time. I had a 10th grade math teacher that was very hard, but fair. His tests were created to challenge the “A” students, not as a gift to the “C” students. To this day, he often enters my thoughts and I mutter, “thanks Mr. Moore”. So, while I wouldn’t profess to be a math wizard, my analytical skills are more than adequate and they have been instrumental in the successes I’ve been able to enjoy in life. Probably my Scorpio makeup was ripe for him to push analytical thinking upon me. It was the same with my athletic coaches. I had a few that saw my drive and determination and decided to push me even further instead of just letting me passively slide as I was. Again, my Scorpio energy was ripe for competition and I was driven to be the best I could be.

When I worked for other people I always had this drive to exceed their expectations or maybe it was my fear of not being good enough. This is what drove me to entrench myself in their world to the extent they wouldn’t be able to extricate themselves from me. That is an interesting one to ponder. What is our real motivation as we strive to please someone else? As I look back, I think “Fear” of something is usually at the root. Is it self worth issues or fear of being cast out and losing the security of our current environment? There are many different scenarios, but most of time, “Fear” is at the core whether we want to admit it or not. It is not bad to have fear, but we need to learn to face it; only through challenge comes growth.

One of my best learning experiences was through my business partner. In our business I would do the analysis for the clients that he acquired. I would want to spend endless hours on my analysis. Why, because of a fear that I wouldn’t understand the information I was going to have to present well enough. He would say, “you know, you could forget 100% of what you know and you would still know 100% more than the client is going to know; and by the way, the meeting is at noon tomorrow, have a good night!” Talk about being pushed out of my comfort zone and facing my fear! I think we can fall into a trap that is created by the self when someone is trying to push us out of our comfort zone. The self raises it head and tells us someone is trying to tell us what to do, when in fact they are assisting us to reach our potential through challenging our fears as we’re being pushed out of our comfort zone.

The irony of the situation was that we became quite successful together, but separately he would have gotten the clients and never provided the service that was promised and I was capable of doing the analysis, but I would have never had the confidence to get a client to do the service for. The morale of my story, find your alter ego, a teacher or a mentor that prods you to move outside your comfort zone; only then can you truly experience growth through facing your fears. When I found Maitreya and his teachings, I found the teacher/mentor that is constantly challenging my fears by making me look at myself. The journey never ends because the comfort zones in our structured and emotional world are plentiful. What fear are you not facing?

As I sit here writing this, I am sitting in India after leaving it close to a year ago thinking I would never return. But here I am being forced out of my comfort zone and back to India without really knowing fully the lesson to be learned. Sometimes part of the journey is having trust in doing something because you know there is a lesson in everything we do. As Maitreya has often stated, “there are no accidents, only opportunities for learning”. We just need to get ourselves out of the way and that’s not always easy to do on our own. Find someone to push you out of you comfort zone and enjoy the ride!

Have a great month!