One fundamental change for me on the spiritual path is my view about spirituality and being spiritual. It has been completely transformed from religion to conscious living.

We are all souls on the journey of soul evolution individually and collectively in our own way. Life is a school of education with various experiences, and a stage for us to play out the script we wrote for ourselves in each incarnation before we were born. The Earth Plane is an open and vast classroom as well as a playground. We all learn and grow in Spirit through experiencing life.

When we are in the school of life, we are a sum total of body, mind and spirit. The physical body is the carrier or vehicle of our soul. It grounds us on the Earth Plane so we can be functional to perform what we need to experience by executing our chosen life plan. The mind provides us with thinking and thought processes. Everything starts with thought. What we think, we create. Our mind enables us to think, to learn, to observe, to compile, and to assimilate our learning process and experiences. The soul is our Spiritual essence. The soul is the core of our existence, and it is the engine of the body and mind. It comes from the source of creation and it is eternal. These three parts together are the trinity, co-existing dynamically, supporting and balancing each other. Whenever one of them is stressed and out of balance, our whole being is encountering dis-ease, disharmony and suffering, we then have no peace at all.

We, as souls or spirits, are all pure consciousness and energy. We come here to attend the school of life on the Earth Plane. According to Margaret/Maitreya’s teaching, there are six levels of consciousness, (See “Photon Energy enabling Earth Plan to Change” by Margaret McElroy) we come to the school of life with different levels of vibration and consciousness based on our soul’s evolutionary history. Just like we are attending a different grade of class in the school, but in this school none of us is higher or lower, better or less, superior or inferior. We are as we are in our own uniqueness. We choose our own life path of learning and experiencing, striving to attain soul growth and Spiritual advancement. As such, some choose to practice religion, rituals, following certain rules as part of their learning; Some choose science as their learning; Some choose philosophy; Some choose to experience fame and power; some choose to learn the value of wealth and money; some choose sports, or a career as their learning; some choose to be vegetarian, or follow gurus or mentors as their learning; others choose to be different from the mainstream of the society; to be free spirit; to practice spirituality away from religion; or to be metaphysical, etc. No matter how we choose to practice our Spirituality or what path to take, it is all about learning and experiencing to achieve soul growth. We all choose our own unique path of attaining the connection to God, the force and the source of energy for all.

From my own years of learning and experiencing life with the knowledge of metaphysics, I have come to the realization – Everyday life is Spirit in action; everyday life is spiritual. The difference between the so called ‘Not Spiritual’ and ‘Being Spiritual’ is that ‘Not Spiritual’ souls may not have been consciously aware of their Spirit or their chosen life path yet; and the souls of ‘Being Spiritual’ have consciously awoken to their Spirit, they have started to search for the purpose and meaning of their life, and to follow their inner calling consciously.

Therefore, being Spiritual is not about following rules, rituals, traditions, sticking to religious groups, following and practicing conditioned religious beliefs and creeds; It is not about being positive and avoiding the negative; It is not about denying one’s desires; It is not about right or wrong, good or bad.

Being Spiritual is being aware and being consciousness; being Spiritual is being totally honest and truthful to ourselves and others; being Spiritual is being authentic, and letting go of all self and society imposed conditioning, limitations, restrictions, beliefs and morals; being Spiritual is following our own heart and inner feelings to do whatever we resonate to, and take full responsibility for it; being Spiritual is having the courage to be different and to make change, not being afraid of making mistakes and being imperfect. Most of all, being Spiritual is being aware of our Self and its control, manipulation and sabotage. The Self part of us is the survival past of us, it is the dark and shadow part of our psyche, it invokes fear, insecurity, pride, anger, jealousy, guilt; all emotions to hold us back from moving forward to a higher vibration and higher consciousness. Once we can be aware and face the Self-aspect of ourselves, we are on the way to become the true master of our own destiny.