Many ordinary people are spiritual without even knowing it. They go about their business with little interference into the lives of others and tend not to gossip, or comment on matters that are none of their concern. They may offer help to those in need but they allow others to live their own lives and they go ahead and live theirs. When you interfere in another person’s life you can stop that person from learning their lessons. This can be hard to do because there may be a lot of karma with a certain person stemming from another lifetime which results in feelings of guilt if one does not help a person in the way that person believes they should be helped.

Everyone takes everything so personally on the earth plane and yet most of the emotional problems are caused by interactions from previous lifetimes that have not yet been worked through. By stepping in to assist before that person is ready can potentially cause problems for them and for you. And what if you are not actually the person who is meant to help?

I once tried to help Spirit in a situation where some earth bound souls needed help to pass over. I had helped one soul and I felt that I needed to do more and I was getting stressed about it, but when I asked Spirit through a channel friend of mine I was immediately told that no, I had done enough and yes although there were other souls that needed help to pass over they were “not for me”. It had been set up for other humans to help as part of their life plan and by charging ahead and trying to be heroic by doing more I would have denied other humans the opportunity to clear some karma, which in some cases may have actually meant them having to come back in another lifetime to clear.

It can be very difficult to detach from emotional situations, particularly in the media at present. If you feel you would like to assist in some way, ask your friends in Spirit what you can do and they will lead and guide you through your intuition, but whenever you feel that you are pushing into a situation and trying too hard that is a sign to withdraw and do not feel guilty, or allow others to make you feel guilty if you do not feel that you are meant to get involved.