Being Thankful

We’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving in the U.S. and now we’re entering the holiday season of Christmas and a New Year. It’s been quite a year for the world as we’ve battled the Covid-19 virus and it looks like 2021 may be a lot of the same as we all come to grips with some new norms that have arisen from our adaptation to life with Covid-19. If we add the polarization and politics of every choice we are being presented with in our daily lives, the world and our lives can look very upside down at this time.

Traditionally, during this time of year, it’s a time for reflection concerning people and events that have shaped our lives.

I give thanks for the book I read back in 2003 that mentioned the name Maitreya and my subsequent journey to Margaret and Maitreya. It opened a whole new level of knowledge relating to my purpose in the world and how the world really works. It gave context and understanding to the highs and lows of life and added much needed perspective to events along my personal journey of soul growth.

I give thanks to Margaret for her dedication to Maitreya and his message. Without her, all the channeled information would not have seen the light of day. Her light and energy brought a lot of light into the world.

I give thanks to Jean Luo McElroy, my little Jeanie, who couldn’t be a better wife and partner in her dedication to me, Margaret, Maitreya and all those who continue to seek knowledge and guidance through the website. Special thanks to Korinne and Ratna for keeping the engine running on the website and their continued dedication to Me, Jean, Margaret and Maitreya.

I give thanks to the knowledge that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE (Wisdom Card #88). I encourage you to download the Maitreya Wisdom Cards and the Maitreya Speaks e-books, their knowledge is timeless, and they are FREE. The more you educate yourself on the World of Spirit, the more Perspective, Knowledge and Trust you will gain to guide you through trying circumstances that push you out of  your comfort zone; that’s where the learning and soul growth happen!

Have a great Holiday Season!