Believe in Love

I believe I am love. Why? Because nothing else make sense to be me. I follow love. Because nothing else is worthy to follow. I believe love is all there is. As all creation is like husk/tree bark with love at its center. It moves, and lives in everything – soil, air, plant, animal, sky and in all creation. However much I say about love, there is more unsaid about it, for it is incomprehensible. When it’s essential to be, love becomes hard work, discipline, will power, inner strength, perseverance, self-reliance, courage, and healing provides time and space to process emotion, to grieve, and much more.

Am I a child of love? Or is love a child itself? Children are life’s longing for itself, Maitreya says. I am gifted with two children and very grateful, for they teach me how to love! They pull off all old memories when I did not feel loved or I did not love myself, and put it to test. Love tests you! It keeps you in higher vibration when external situations are low vibration, it raises you up a level each time. Yes, I gasp, I admit. Sometimes I just cry… For it is worth the hike up, I ask for my teacher’s help. Jean Luo, Dennis Dossett, Karen Downing, and others. These are my angels and I am very thankful for them.

When love challenges you to face fear, sometimes it takes just a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year, or even a few years… Recently something took me a few years to overcome, but I did it! The result did not excite me at that moment. I wondered why? Then I found over the next few months, my behavior changed to be less self-critical. When did this happen? Who made it happen? Self-love. It stood up to fear, fear that had spread in many lifetimes that were filled with horror and deceit. It is love, it undoubtedly hit all these areas that stayed in the dark lurking, fostering unworthiness, and demeaning self-talk. Love is what fear is not. Courage is Love in Action, Maitreya says. It takes courage to ask for help while drowning in an emotional sea. It takes courage to ask for help when you feel sick and your children need to be attended. It takes courage to ask for help when you feel something is not right, but you don’t know what it is. It takes courage to be vulnerable, to stand up to one’s own unhealthy emotional patterns where one gives away energy and its hidden trances. It takes courage to breakup from a relationship that you cannot celebrate. It is love that gets stronger in time, as we age and our bodies deteriorate, for love doesn’t age. I am a child of love and love is my child. Because it is infinite.