Oh, how time flies by! In a twinkling of an eye, 2018 is over and 2019 is here. The year of 2018 has been an intense year of change. The Universe has been utilizing the Photon Energy with the planetary movements to push humanity continually forward to higher vibration and consciousness. As the result, there have been so many changes in 2018, and the change will continue in 2019. Regardless of whether we are ready for it or not, the Universe is nudging us to move forward both individually and collectively.

As we all have experienced and witnessed in 2018, the Photon energy has brought to the surface so many deep buried energies and unresolved issues from our past to be released and resolved. This is very necessary and an inevitable process in order to raise the collective consciousness of mankind. Only when we truly let go of the past and the old, can the new take place and come into being.

The process of change always brings chaos, uncertainty, confusion and insecurity while we are letting go of deep buried energy that we have held onto for so long. It inevitably brings out intense and deep repressed energies – fear, anger, hatred, prejudice, conditioned beliefs, and ego, and more. The Self part of mankind on the Earth Plane uses emotions to control humanity both collectively and individually and the Self thrives on the passions of the moment as it feeds the human ego. As long as the Self is in control, mankind will be continually pitted against each other through wars and violence. This creates an endless cycle of descension, separation, disharmony and destruction. When mankind is controlled by the Self and driven by Ego both collectively and individually, there will never be peace, harmony or unity. Whenever we are controlled by the Self through emotions, we cannot see through the illusion, and hence we can’t see the true reason and cause behind everything that is transpiring. This is what the Photon energy has been doing – assisting humanity to raise vibration and to move into higher consciousness by bringing the deep buried emotional energy to the surface to be released both individually and collectively. Our readiness to be open and to embrace change will make the journey easier, or our stubbornness as we hold onto the past, clinging to the old way of life and resist change will only make it harder. We make the choice.

Humanity cannot have peace and live in harmony and unity until each human soul has made changes individually. The key to assisting humanity to raise its vibration and consciousness is not about going out to the world to change others and the world at large, but turning inward to work on ourselves’ individually, and to make radical changes from within. As we start to change from within individually, the world around us begins to reflect that change. Together, each of us is contributing in raising the vibration and consciousness of humanity as a whole. As Maitreya wrote in his message:

“Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your akashic record.” ….. “Each one of you has a plan in this life and each plan is different to another’s, even twins and multiples may have the same life plan but may pursue it different to the other sibling. You are your own Master, on your own path, not the path of another, nor should you share their path, you are here to find yourself and nobody else. Let others be and let them live their own lives, and work on your own life. You are here to do just that, nothing more.”… “Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your akashic record.”  – from Maitreya Quotes App

How can we raise vibration and move into higher consciousness? It is very simple – work on our karmic debt, release our deep buried past life energy, and learn our chosen life lessons, but it is very hard to do as we don’t know what is trapped in our deep subconscious soul memory. The Self part of us does know and constantly sabotages and makes the process much harder. This is why Maitreya told us “Without the knowledge of astrology, past-life memory, and what is in your subconscious mind, you will not be able to move forward into abundance no matter how hard you try.”from Maitreya Quotes App

This is so true and what I have been living, experiencing and growing from since I journeyed to Mount Tamborine, on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2003 to learn metaphysics with Margaret/Maitreya.  Margaret/Maitreya brought Alan and Ratna into my life and saved my relationship with my daughter Korinne to allow me to face my issues with her rather than running away from them. With each one of them I have heavy karma to work through, deep past life issues to resolve, intense past life energies to release, and major life lessons to learn from. At times, when the past life energy came to the surface, the karmic payback became very heavy and the lessons were intensified. I often just wanted to run away, and to hide somewhere alone where nobody knew me. I just wanted to escape and was ready to give up! Luckily, I have like-minded Alan, Korinne and Ratna in my life and we all have been educated and trained by Margaret/Maitreya. While it often has not been easy, at least we all have the same understanding of Maitreya’s teaching, and this knowledge has been the foundation of our support and acceptance of each other as we’ve worked through many challenges and overcome numerous obstacles. We all have learned and grown in spirit enormously through the experiencing financial difficulties and healing our past life issues. At the end of 2018, we have finally paid off the debt we accumulated since 2012 when Saturn entered Scorpio. Alan, Korinne and I, all three of us have natal Saturn in Scorpio, and Ratna has Sun and 12th house cusp in Capricorn, obviously, the four of us have karma, past life issues and life lessons around money, debt, and values. During the past six years, we have been constantly tested in learning to let go of material possessions and to learn the value of money, material needs and what we truly value. We have faced so much fear, insecurity and uncertainty of life. We have released deep and intense anger, resentment and all sorts of emotions from our past lives individually. Margaret’s sudden passing and our faith and trust in Spirit have been severely tested. There were times that each of us felt trapped and wanted to run away and to give up. But we have not run away so far, we have tried and failed, and tried again, but finally, we have developed a better understanding and acceptance of each other. We have become closer with each other without interfering with each other’s learning and individuality, and the energy flows more positively and easily among us. Just as Maitreya wrote, “All that you lose you will one day regain. It is only removed for the process of learning!”from Maitreya Quotes App Indeed, it has been hard learning, but it has taught us faith, trust, patience and perseverance. More importantly, we have learned so much from this process on a soul level and we have grown spiritually from it!

Now the year of 2018 comes to the end. Our debt is paid off. As 2019 arrives, we have more space to allow the new energy to come into our life. The new learning or the previous learning at a new level will soon begin with the Nodes changing signs from Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air) to Cancer (water) and Earth (Capricorn), so will our destiny learning in the next year – how to live in the physical and material world, and how to truly nurture and care about ourselves and others without emotional attachment in a way that is more dynamic and less resistant.

The transit North node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn is in reverse position to my natal South node in Cancer and North Node in Capricorn. Along with the transit South Node in Capricorn, the transit Saturn and Pluto are also in Capricorn. These three planets astrological configuration make a conjunction with my Moon in Capricorn in my 2019 Solar Return chart and they are all in my natal 2nd house – the house of money, material possessions, values and worth, indicating that my father issues, unresolved home and family issues from past lives as well as present life, my own authority issues, Capricornia habits and conditioning and, deep emotions and emotional patterns are all going to meet challenge, purging and transformation. My soul will learn new ways of relating to money, material possessions and value. What do I truly value, what is my self-value and self-worth?  I will have to constantly ask myself all these questions and keep reminding myself to focus on building a strong inner foundation and push myself to focus on nurturing and caring about me first and others second. The true progress and true achievement need to come from self-confidence based on a strong inner foundation of believing in and valuing myself through nurturing and caring. With this mindset there is nothing that I cannot achieve!

2019 will surely be a year for me to face many challenges and will provide numerous opportunities for my growth and learning. It will test me and enable me to come to know my soul more deeply and intimately. There is no doubt that I will go through a lot of changes. I can not predict or be prepared, but I can be ready by having a positive attitude and being open to embrace any changes the Universe brings to me. I shall always remember: Life is a game and fully embrace letting the new game begin in 2019! All be well.