Gidday from Oz everyone!

This past January, I spent two weeks training intensively with Team Maitreya in Brisbane. When I read that back, it still seems amazing and if anyone had suggested to me previously that I would do such thing, I would have thought them crazy. After the course, Margaret advised me that I’d been an Aide to her in a past life and I’m very glad to know it.

For this incarnation, I chose to be born into an atheist family, although my paternal grandmother attended church regularly. My paternal great – great grandfather was the minister who established the first church in Hinton, NSW. One of my ancestors in Scotland was named James Brown, son of Alexander Hamilton Brown. He was a Covenanter, whose brother John was shot down by the English in front of his family. They were guilty of teaching the children that God is head of the church and not the King. These stories I knew as an atheist, before I discovered my spiritual essence. Religion was never my destiny but as it turns out, neither is atheism, completely.

Since 2013 my family and I have been experiencing an ongoing string of crises around accidents, operations, misdiagnoses and death. For example, when my youngest sister became extremely ill, I experienced a work place accident and my father almost died of a heart attack, requiring major surgery. He had an out-of-body experience from above the surgery, which he puts down to hallucination. His heart was stopped. My sister passed away in prolonged agony after a couple of unsuccessful surgeries and a dose of systemic abuse because she was intellectually disabled as a human. Two of my sons were diagnosed with mental conditions and heavily drugged after quite traumatic childhoods dogged by domestic violence. These are just some of the things that brought me to breaking point and I crashed.

It had come to pass along the way (:D in fairy tale vernacular) that I acquired a sudden and definite knowing that not only did aliens and UFOs exist all around us, but that, so did people in the afterlife. I just knew this. I shared some videos on Facebook. It went down like a lead balloon. My sons were reinforced in their belief that my mental instability is the cause of all their problems, as has been the expressed opinion of their father (my ex, thank God) for their entire lives. Yes. This is a big life lesson I planned, apparently. I’m learning not to be angry with myself for planning that! Forgiveness, forgiveness.

Several months after the passing of my sister, I invited her to visit during a meditation and she appeared in a vision. She sent me a beautiful pink rose, then another and another until there was a waterfall of roses falling towards me. Her spectacle-clad face appeared shyly behind it and I received a knowing that she forgave me for not supporting her enough. In fact, she doesn’t think she has anything to forgive. Then I received a vision of a cartoon rainbow and I knew she’d been present at our great nephew’s birthday when I’d shown him how to paint a rainbow.

It was very difficult to have my entire belief system turned upon its head in a family that is devoutly atheist. So are most of my community, city and nation. It is very hard to keep such beautiful revelations to oneself however, so I began my search online in earnest.

I’d discovered Tina Louise Spalding’s channellings, dismissed them then returned to them, fascinated. Due to her own training, I bought the full texts of A Course in Miracles and began the lessons. I’m still a student of A Course in Miracles. Somewhere online, I stumbled on a channelled message from someone called Lord Emmanuel. I read it about a minute or so after it was posted. It asked if we’d had enough of this world and if so stand up and breathe with him. So even though I’d become a sedentary searcher, I stood. And I breathed. For some reason, I also prayed as I breathed, “ On Earth as it is in Heaven. On Earth as it is in Heaven”. My hands began to vibrate. Instinctively, I moved them apart and they vibrated more. Soon my arms were above my head in supplication and the vibrations pulsed down my arms, into my body and reverberated throughout my abdomen, healing me.

When my legs could stand it no longer, I stopped praying, but my hands kept vibrating. I walked into my bedroom to look at myself in the wardrobe mirror to assure myself that I wasn’t imagining it. I wasn’t. I could actually see the tremors in my hands. For several weeks afterwards, the vibration gradually faded. I desperately did not want any fading whatsoever. The site where I’d found the initial channelled message had mysteriously vanished so I couldn’t rely on that for another experience!

Online, I discovered that there was one local spiritualist church. On the Sunday I first attended, my vibrations increased while I was there, encouraging me to continue my exploration.

Online again, I discovered that a New Zealander by the name of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel channels someone called Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. So I booked my flights and actually travelled over to a little fishing village called Whakatane last October to receive a reading and healing from her. That’s where I was told that Lord Maitreya is my Master and that Margaret McElroy channelled him!

Back at home, I googled Margaret McElroy of course. I found that she resided in India and contacted her to have a reading with my Master. Lo and behold, she’d flown to Queensland for a visit! During my reading she offered to train me and that’s when I booked my trip.

What a long story this is! I did not intend to be so long winded. Although, I have indeed truncated the story!

In Margaret’s presence, it was very easy to slip into visions and I saw some crazy, amazing, astonishing lives and events. Either I have a brilliant imagination that ordinarily escapes me, or else, my Master was showing me wonders of Creation. Margaret recorded the audio for most of our sessions and I’m so grateful for that evidence of my experience. It’s unforgettable though. As I said to her in January, I wished that there was some way of video recording the visions in my mind. They were indescribable. I did the best I could with the words I have. But how do you describe beings and worlds and events that are so foreign to human understanding? I am forever grateful to Margaret/Maitreya for facilitating this journey for me. How privileged am I to have received such a treasured gift!

And it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Ever since my journey to Queensland last summer, further discoveries are validating the truth of the visions I received. Other channellings, scientific discoveries and my own lived experiences not only validate, but are enriched by the gifts I received through Margaret’s energy. I know how lucky I am.

In between my sessions with Margaret, beloved Jean Luo mentored me and took me into a theatre of past lives that continue to expand my consciousness today. To know that I’ve been: a young man who died of leprosy in a dirty pit, apart from his family; an American primary school principal from the deep South who died with his staff and students in a deliberate fire; a woman who escaped imprisonment for teaching children forbidden knowledge to live a long and independent life of freedom; a young Indian brave who died from an arrow to the chest and being trampled by buffalo but who was unafraid of death and left life peacefully and proud because of his culture – all of these knowing’s have expanded my sense of being. They are a springboard and a reassuring background of spiritual understandings that help me to keep living and growing.

Earlier this year, a Guide spoke the words “I love you” into my left ear as I was zoned out on my bed, resting. A Pleiadian looking man told me “Thank you, Evans” in a vision. He is a beautiful, tall, golden being made of light and he met me at a fancy bar. These are extremely vivid memories. They are not dreams. So now I have begun to receive a variety of messages, some just audio, some audio-visual. Most recently, my own grandfather visited me with a bit of a joke to cheer me up. That was lovely. I rarely dream anymore and sleep about 3-4 hours a night. When I do recall a dream, it has spiritual significance.

There are deep places inside of me that have been infinitely changed due to my training with Team Maitreya. I am a different person. Margaret said that my family and friends would not recognise me. Indeed they do not. I do not recognise myself. Thanks be to God. Thanks be to Team Maitreya: Margaret, Jean, Alan and Korinne.

Namaste, with Love and Light,