Bring the Light / Being Creative

To start, a short story to wish you a very Happy New Year and a peaceful transition into 2021:

“That’s very bright!” she said, blinking.

“I know,” came the reply, “but I can’t dim it.”

“You’re the dim one,” she replied, rolling her eyes!

“Who are you calling dim? I’m not Tim Dim, I’m bright Mr Wright!”

“Well, whoever you rhyme your name with John Wright, I still think you’re dim if you can’t even lower the beam,” she retorted. “You’ll frighten the little ones.”

“Oh, they’re alright,” he said, “just look at their shiny little eyes looking up at us.”

They looked down towards the box in the corner, illuminated by the bright beam of light.

“Don’t blind the poor little mites!” she shouted.

“Well, you try and lower the light then, coz I can’t,” he said in despair.

“Bring the light to me then,” she huffed.

He walked across to where she was sitting in the old garden chair, on the other side of the dusty shed, and handed her his smart phone.

“Right,” she said, “this is how you do it. See this little icon with the minus symbol? Just touch that until the light dims.”

“You make it sound so simple. I am 78 years old you know, and unfamiliar with these newfangled phones,” he said, holding his hand out for her to return it.

She passed it back, and he pointed it towards the far corner. “Oh no, now it’s too dim, and I can’t see where I’m treading, let alone see the kittens.”

She despairingly sighed, “Just bring me the light, I’ll do it!”

  • – End –

That was a story I wrote for a local short story competition in March, just as we went into the first Lockdown in England, where I live. I didn’t win anything, but it was the first writing competition I’ve ever entered and I not only enjoyed writing it, but having to keep to the minimum word count and to the theme of “Bring the Light” was a bit of a challenge, which I enjoyed.

Also, it was pretty anonymous (until now, ha ha!) so I didn’t think I had anything to lose. I know it’s not the most amazing story, but it’s quite sweet, and the most important thing is that I was BEING creative and ENJOYING myself!

Being creative is SO important for our personal growth, and for our peace of mind – I cannot stress this enough. Being artistic, in whatever way you enjoy, be it singing, dancing, composing music, painting, drawing, making collages or crafting in any way, which Margaret used to enjoy doing in the last decade of her life…. I once stayed in her guest room with a very colourful picture made of stickers that a child might have collected and stuck in a Sticker Book. Margaret knew it didn’t matter that it wasn’t an amazing piece of artwork worthy of hanging in an Art Gallery, but that SHE enjoyed making it and hanging it on the walls of her home.

Other creative activities you might enjoy might be writing lyrics, singing songs, joining a choir, learning and reciting poetry, writing or telling stories, or simply journaling, which is a vital way of getting in touch with your inner child, and shaking off the ego/lower self struggles of the adult world.

So, I shall be moving into 2021 collaging with the candy wrappers from our Christmas chocolate box, and I’ll make something with the seashells I collected on the beach today. Childlike? Maybe, but it makes me happy – what are YOU going to create in 2021 to get in touch with your joy?!

With love, as ever

Jacquie Verbeek