Call to Action
By Laura Elliott

~ Happy October everyone! Well, we’ve made it through the Summer of 2020 and Autumn is finally here. That will be one for the record books…

The Angels have a Call to Action for us at this pivotal moment in time.  Here is their direct message to you in their own words. ~

We are here this month to be of Service to those who wish to understand themselves and to progress along their chosen path of this lifetime.  You have asked us to do so, even though you do not remember doing so and we are happy to be of Service in this way.

Long ago you had chosen to come to this planet to be of Service.  That would be the majority of you now on this planet.  You came to assist those original Earth souls in their journeys on this planet where things had gone astray due to Free Will.  We are not speaking ill of Free Will, on the contrary, we honor that most Blessed of States but that is why things have progressed as they have.  It was an experience requested and lovingly given by our Creator (All That Is) to all and sundry who had chosen to experience this most magnificent of Experiences.  One so unique to this Galaxy that many requested to join.

Now we hear you ask yourselves, ‘But why would we choose such a thing? There is so much hatred, discontent, and evil here. Why would we choose such a thing for ourselves?’.  We say to you that indeed you did.  From the perspective you have now we understand what you are saying.  However, from the perspective of yourselves as Spiritual Beings it is not so.  When those of you who were offered the chance to be of Human origin this was strongly desired by you.  But somewhere along the way you became lost, and this is where your Galactic family stepped in to help you.

There are so many among you now that have come of their own Free Will from many Galaxies and many Universes to help raise you from the muck and the mire that has been created upon this planet.  Over 600 Soul Groups have sent ambassadors to Earth over the many eons to help to turn the tide that the Service to Self Polarity has created here.  Those that are here in service to humans of Earth origin from these Soul Groups are the ones that, over the many years of their Service to Others, have been the ones most often persecuted and killed in their Service to Humanity.  They were the natural healers that offered remedies for relief from physical and emotional pain that others did not understand and were drowned or put to the fires for their compassionate efforts.  They were the ones that spoke to animals and nature and were not understood for their gifts and were likewise killed because of their extraordinary gifts.

These Beings are once more among you now, in a time that is coming to understand and accept their gifts as never before in the history of this planet.  You have reached a pinnacle where you have never been before, and the tipping point is upon you.  For those of you currently here who read this and have a reaction to what we speak of about what occurred in times past, you are a Being of Light here to assist humanity.  If you have not already realized this and awoken to your purpose here, we tell you now that it is time to awaken to your True Self and to assist humanity as you have promised.  Realize that what has happened in previous incarnations when your gifts were learned of will not happen this time around.  Everything, and nothing, has changed, yet you are here to Serve Others with your innate knowledge and gifts and this is your wake-up call!  Seek out ways to remember your True Self as quickly as possible, the time is short to assist humanity as much as you can, and you must start by healing yourselves first.  Partake of meditation, inner seeking through past life regression and Beyond Quantum Healing Therapy.  You must lead by example, which means you must first realize your True Self, and live your life full of compassion and true empathy.  But most importantly, you must be living examples of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, and Unconditional Non-Judgment for yourselves and others.  Only by healing yourselves can you then heal your world.

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