Let your life be a celebration – do not be afraid to say the words you want to say.” ~ Maitreya

In the midst of this time of celebration, I celebrate you. I send peace, love and joy your way, and share these words.


It doesn’t matter what you celebrate; just CELEBRATE.

CELEBRATE that you have made it through this rather bizarre year. 

CELEBRATE the endings that it has brought. Yes, many have been difficult and we have not yet learned their purpose. Celebrate anyway.

CELEBRATE the new that we have been forced into. It’s scary and uncomfortable, but you are open. Celebrate openness.

CELEBRATE the weird political **** out there, for it makes you realize what you truly believe and feel and find ways to show it. Frustrating, but celebrate anyway.

CELEBRATE Christmas, Hanukkah, Rohatsu, Mawlid el-Nabi, Bohdi day, Kwanza, the Winter Solstice, the New Year. Celebrate one or celebrate them all!

There is light somewhere in the darkness.

There is calm somewhere midst the chaos.

There is reason somewhere in the foolishness.

There is stillness somewhere within the noise.

There is joy somewhere in the depths of sorrow.

Acknowledge the dark, chaos, foolishness, noise and sorrow, for they are imminent and necessary. 

CELEBRATE the lessons they bring.

CELEBRATE light, calm, reason, stillness and joy, even if you have to look way deep within to find them.

CELEBRATE YOU! For celebration brings realization of the true spirit, the ultimate joy that resides deep within, no matter what.

Peace and Joy, Love and Light

Linda Zeppa