Life is full of change in one way or another; a change of job, husband, partner, house change, or something different, but very rarely do you meet someone who has not experienced change in some way in their life. I do not take change well, and because of that the Universe leads me to change, and often forces it. I have had about 56 addresses, and numerous jobs, plus 3 husbands and as soon as I get settled in my life, the Universe moves me out of the comfort zone into uncharted territory.

I came to the earth plane to experience change, because in past lifetimes I have been very stuck in my existence, often staying in one place a long time and not wanting, or resisting the change taking place. It was not until I became an astrologer and was able to study my birth chart I was able to see just how much I had been given the lesson of change through many incarnations, that and my own intuition enabled me to see my resistance. I have nothing in my area of home and family, indicating in this incarnation I will not stay in one place.

I will be allowed to settle in my senior years, but it will be the very last years of my life. Of course, my true home is in the next world; the world of spirit, but to be honest, all I want is a home to settle in, but it is not to be at the time of this writing. I would have given anything to have had one home from my teen years, but I have had so many, I cannot keep count, houses, apartments, staying with friends for a long period of time, when my soul has just wanted to be fixed and settled. I have envied those of my friends and family who have been able to live in one house/apartment since their first marriage.

It was the same with change in my job, I fought changing my job, my husband (3 times) and really hated having to move on, but every move onward moved me forward in my life. I should be grateful those moves and changes did that, because the more I experienced change, the more I was able to let go of the things I had. In 2014, Alan and I let go of our house, in 2015, we gave away all of our furniture and personal belongings. Surprisingly, it was easy to do, perhaps because of all of the changes we had already made personally; we could put our entire life belongings in 3 suitcases.

My mother came into this life with nothing, and she left with nothing, she had no money either, she also got rid of her belongings and her home and gave away her assets and money to family and friends. I envied her at the time of her death, for there was very little to dispose of. My neighbor died when I was 40 and her house was filled with memorabilia and crowded with belongings, nobody in her family wanted to clear her house, and they offered me money to do it for them. It was so cluttered, a bit like a hoarded house, it took me a week to clean it, but it was a veritable museum of items she had collected for over 50 years; a lot of her items had hardly been used, just collected.
It was then my mother died and the different between the two women, my mother and my neighbor was so obvious, I swore I would never have a house like my neighbors and have to pay someone to clear the house after mine or my husband’s death. Why do we hoard and collect? For some it is a past life issue, for others their parents did it, for some, they cannot bring themselves to part with anything, people do not realize just how much ‘stuff’ they have, and also they do not really need what they have.

Change is just not limited to the things I wrote about at the beginning of this newsletter, but in the things we own and no longer need. What change do you need to implement in your life? Do you have a garage filled with unused items? The more you release from your life, the more you have new energy to come in when you let go of it. I remember one client so wanted a new car, but his garage was full, the car never manifested, but when he cleared out his garage one day, he found box after box of rare comics he did not know he had saved, on getting an appraisal on the comics, they were valued at $30,000 US, so what did he do? He bought the new car he wanted to put into the now empty garage!

Do not fear change, it could be a wonderful new experience, it will open doors to new opportunities; even moving away, can be the best change you could ever make. I experienced the most wonderful career by moving from Australia to New Zealand, it changed my life and set me for a wonderful new career writing for a magazine, yet I had such fear about the move. If you let go of fear, the Universe will be able to show you all the good things about the change, so don’t stop yourself from making change, embrace the change and see where it leads you to.