Fear of change is constantly out there. Thinking about change causes us anxiety. But, if you ask what we want right now, the answer would be: change! Only change is persistent in our lives and we shouldn’t dreadfully deny it, but fully embrace it. Without change we can’t grow and have new experiences.

Our Ego self likes to keep everything familiar, being constantly in our comfort zone even though it recognizes our reality as being false and unhappy. The Lower self will do whatever it takes to keep us in the energy of lack and fear, convincing us that everything is how it is supposed to be, or that this reality is our destiny and meant to be. Often, you will hear that everything right now is good and that you have to adapt and be grateful. But, should we, really?

At one point, everything is how it is supposed to be, but only regarding your previous thoughts, energy and activities that you have done previously and that has brought you to this reality. You manifested it. Every single thing.

On the other hand, everything you can see, you can change. Everything you feel, you can change; people, situations, every single thing. How? The answer starts with you. It actually resides within you.

In our lowest mood, this can only anger you and take you out of your shoes. The Lower self will fight changes, trying to prove you wrong. It will tell you that you are small, unworthy, miserable, incompetent, stupid and powerless to change even the tiniest bit of your existence. You can make peace with this and adapt to your unwanted reality, life, and circumstances. But also, You can fight. You can fight against your Lower self with your FAITH. Without faith you will stay powerless and continue to believe how unworthy you are. Looking for power from outside yourself will lead you miles away from your goals and precious life lessons. We are made in the image of God. We are His extension. We have the same sparkling, powerful trait. That is our soul.

It is very, very hard to start believing in our superpowers. How everything would be easier if we could manage to put ourselves in some auto pilot intuitive mode and just flow through life knowing that we are protected, loved and just enjoy our ride. How great would be that?

Persistence in facing challenges and embracing changes will eventually lead mankind into this new reality.

There is a myth that some people have that ability- the ability to have faith and trust in themselves and their higher Self. I said a myth in purpose, because even the most spiritual and religious men will face a new challenge, a new test of faith and they will fail. They will fall down on their knees in despair. Only the bravest, the most evolved of all, will stand up, forgive themselves and keep trying…having faith. And after a myth there is a legend too…it says that men who keep going with faith will finally succeed

Who is ready to receive this information and gain a new understanding and perspective?

Change yourself and you will change your perspective.

Change yourself and you will change your life.

Change yourself and you will change the world.

Everything starts and ends with you. That is our free will granted by our Source. 💖