Here it is October. Change is in the air as the leaves are changing color and falling to ground as the Fall season is upon us. The morning air is refreshing but has a bit of a chill to it. Change is unfolding all around us. Somethings are within our circle of influence and some aren’t. We have the political elections that will usher in a lot of changes no matter who wins, my 65th birthday is this month so I’m officially a Senior citizen with the benefits of Social Security and Medicare (LOL). Margaret would have been 74 this month just 2 days after I turn the magical 65.

Ironically, 16-years ago this month, I left the comforts of my home and family and ventured to New Zealand to start a new chapter in my life with Margaret and Maitreya. My actions created a lot of change within my life and to those close to me. Life is all about change and the choices we make or don’t make as the Universe is nudging, pushing, or pulling the rug out from under us to move us out of our comfort zones of life to assist us to learn and grow through the circumstances and life lessons we’ve chosen. During my ups and downs of change I am constantly trying to stay focused on me and my lessons rather than letting the emotions that are being brought to the surface by the change consume or knock me off track.

All change or our individual struggles against change centers around the trapped energy within us. This distinct and exclusive energy entombed within us is what makes our journey totally unique to each of us as we face change on our path of soul growth. What makes sense to one person may make no sense whatsoever to another. As Maitreya said, ‘One person’s truth may be another person’s folly’.

For me, whose main life lesson is to learn “Non-Judgement”, my emotions of the moment often cause me to fall short, as I lash out at others, when the issue I am battling is really contained within the person who stares back at me each day in the mirror as I brush my teeth. Remember, the Universe never judges, it just keeps bringing the lesson or experience back and giving me another try. Isn’t Unconditional Love grand!

Embrace the change, look within where the real answer resides and allow the beautiful aspects of your being to blossom through the change.

I’ve attached the Maitreya Wisdom Card #7, “CHANGE”,  here is a snippet; “Change can occur in many areas of your life, including career, money, partnerships, spirituality, your living space, and even with your children. You choose the way change will assist you to learn, and the path you will take.” (For your daily guidance, download the Maitreya Wisdom app for free Here)

Have a good month,