I learned the saying a long time ago in school that the only thing that is constant is change. Sooner or later someone or something forces or nudges us to change. That someone could even be you as you gain more knowledge or understanding of what surrounds you and doesn’t make any sense to you anymore. I know for me, if I am truthful with myself about change and how rapidly I embraced or made the change, it came down to some fear I was choosing not to face. It could be a confrontation with a loved one, fear over money and the future or just fear of the unknown, etc.; take your pick.

Sometimes the fear may be on a subconscious level that you may not come to understand until well after the change or until you really delve into the depths of the fear. Why do I have a phobia of flying, heights, spider’s etc.? Why am I afraid to confront a particular loved one, but not another? These deeper fears that inhibit change and probably your destiny path can be accessed through past life regression or recall. This will allow you to touch the energy and the event that put the fear in your soul memory. This is what the self-aspect of you accesses and brings to your consciousness when it wants to slow you down or hopes to stop you in your tracks as you are attempting to face the fear and make the change.

Remember, fear is just an energy that can be transmuted to the light and each fear that is faced will assist you to raise your vibration and ultimately your awareness or consciousness. Your purpose on the Earth plane is to remove the emotional body and ultimately live in the now by being aware and not being enslaved or influenced by the emotions of the moment. It is an easy thing to say, but a hard thing to achieve. I think in Buddhism it is known as becoming the observer.

It is very interesting that with our latest change, which led us from the U.S. to India and then the sudden move 5 weeks later to Australia, the primary fear I thought I was facing was just having the trust that everything would turn out all right. After all, we had just given away all our possessions in the U.S. prior to moving to India where we had accommodations arranged and now 5 weeks later we were heading to Australia with nothing. You might say it has been a world wind of change, but out of the blue we were able to find accommodations and assistance that have enabled everything to fall into place.

The irony for me of this unexpected move is it has me revisiting a fear I thought I had dealt with back in 2004 when I was here as a student in one of Margaret’s Masters courses. I have written about it previously, but it is my fear of snakes. It was triggered while I was here by an afternoon run down a path on beautiful Mt Tambourine to a picturesque pond, but on my way back at dusk, all of a sudden a fear of snakes around every bend entered my consciousness. I then worked the fear by going to a pet store and actually handling a small snake and I also did some past life work and was able to see where the fear came from. I accompanied it with affirmations to help me shift the energy and I really hadn’t thought about it in years.

But! While I have been here in Australia, the housing area we are staying in is known to have a lot of pythons and brown snakes. The brown’s are one of the most poisonous snakes on the planet. On the news the other day they said the brown’s are out early this year! Thanks for letting me know, that’s reassuring. So when I am out hanging up the laundry in the yard (they don’t use dryers a lot here in Australia which we do in the U.S.), my eyes are constantly surveying the grass and trees. So here I am again, facing a fear, releasing trapped energy to assist me to raise my vibration, all in the name of Spiritual development!

I am not sure what’s more fearful, the fear of leaving a spouse or running into a snake? I guess you could say they both can be a little poisonous. All I know is either one would make you change direction. I know, because I’ve experienced both! LOL

Have a good month.