Change and Growing Older

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be an official Senior Citizen as I turn 65 this year. On the positive side, I like to think that the years have made me a little wiser as I, just like you, have experienced and hopefully learnt many things from the ups and downs of my existence. Interestingly, the last few months as I have spent some time with people my age or a little older, I have become more aware of how fixed in our ways we get as we age. I know I experienced this with my father as he grew older. Security, familiar surroundings, and most importantly, like minded people were his comfort zone. I don’t think my father was out of the ordinary and I see traits of him in me anytime I reflect on my actions or situation. Why would I not see him in me, he was a major part of my life experience.

Unfortunately, as I’ve written before, there is always 2 sides to all energy. Our experiences can make us smarter or wiser, but they can also make us arrogant, lazy and less open to new things that are outside our comfort zone. We can easily dismiss new things that the Universe is putting in front of us as part of the soul learning we’ve chosen in this lifetime. So, as we grow older and the Universe is evolving around us, strive to step out of that safe and secure cocoon you’ve wrapped yourself into and evolve with the Universe.

I remember Maitreya telling me a simple way to understand something the Universe is trying show or teach me. He told me to think about something that just happened that upset me, because that person or situation is just the Universe’s way of putting a teacher in front of me. So, the next time you get mad over gay marriage, immigrants, unemployed people, etc., maybe you need to ask that question. For me, when I get upset or angry over a certain President, maybe I should be doing the same thing! We all have things to learn and the Universe uses all the circumstances in our everyday life to try and assist us to become aware of lessons or issues we’ve chosen to address in this lifetime. If we categorize the issues that upset us, most of them are triggering an aspect that is outside our comfort zone. Unfortunately, as Maitreya stressed time and time again, ‘learning only happens outside your comfort zone’.

So, as we get older and more stuck in our ways, remember it’s our children and the younger generation who are our teachers if only we listen. I remember being a child and hearing from adult’s in my life that children are meant to be seen, but not heard. Ironically, Margaret told me she experienced the very same story during her childhood in England. As I’ve stated before, we’re all channels for those in the world of spirit to convey messages through, but as Maitreya said, children are easiest to channel messages of change through because they aren’t conditioned yet. It’s kind of the Emperor without clothes syndrome. The child sees he has no clothes, but the adult won’t allow themselves to acknowledge what their eyes are telling them. This is from Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #8 on Children (click here for a free download), “Listen to your children; really LISTEN to them. They too have a role to play as mirrors for you, but often you cannot see this. What are they telling you, and are you listening?”

During these times of decisiveness, remember there’s always learning from each other, especially the younger generation who see things so differently to you! 

Have a good month,