Change Begins with Changing Our Conditioned Perception

by Jean Luo

We live in a world where we’re conditioned to see everything as “white” and “black”, “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “bad”, “higher” and “lower”, “superior” and “inferior”, etc., instead of learning to find a middle way through compromise, cooperation, and collaboration, our mind is trained to be self-righteousness and is programmed with a comparison mentality by our society, culture, education, beliefs, and traditions.

There is nothing wrong if one chooses to think and to do things this way, it is all up to individual’s free will choice. However, we should realize that when we think and live our life this way, we easily get into conflicts, incur separation and disharmony, thereby creating tension and dissension in our relationships. We waste our precious and valuable energy constantly fighting, arguing, and blaming others without realizing that we are fighting, arguing, and blaming ourselves – the part of us that is hidden in our deep subconscious. The outer events and the people who aggravate us are simply reflecting that part of us our self doesn’t want us to see. The people and events are the mirrors to show us what we need to be aware of; and they are the teachers we’ve chosen on a soul level to teach us what we’ve come to learn and experience in this incarnation.

It is our human ego and Lower Self that is fighting for its survival by clinging to its own self-worth and value based on power, social status, popularity, prestige, and wealth. Our Higher Self, the spiritual aspect of us, knows that there is no “right” or “wrong”, no “good” or “bad”, no “superior” or “inferior”, there is only opportunities and experiences that we choose to learn from as we navigate our soul journey.

Whatever role we choose to play – a king, a president, a wealthy man, a famous figure, a beggar, a housewife, a disabled person, a patient, etc. – is all about learning through the role we are playing. It is not the importance or title of the role we choose to play, but the lessons we choose to learn from the role we are playing.

The Universe is trying to show and teach us that we cannot simply use the words “right” and “wrong”, “black” and “white”, to judge ourselves and others, and the way we live our lives because our lives are mixed with “good” and “bad”, “right” and “wrong”, “black” and “white”. If we are willing to let go of our conditioned righteous mentality, and to have the courage to explore all the possible learning and growth experiences, we will learn to listen and to communicate by being open to see another’s viewpoint, and we will learn to respect our differences and individuality. We won’t be afraid of seeing and admitting our own faults, imperfections, and mistakes. We will learn to accept another’s flaws and imperfections, because we will see they are part of their unique soul journey and focus our energy towards being comfortable and proud of our own uniqueness and our own journey. By doing so, our life will be different, and the world will also be different.

Deep within our human psyche, every soul has the desire to serve and to help another human soul. However, it will be a big mistake if we think serving humanity is to go out into the human world at large, to become somebody “famous” or “powerful.” Change must begin from within of each human soul. We are not here to become anyone’s savior. Everyone is here to learn to become the Master of their own destiny and to be the creator of their own life. Only by changing ourselves from within can we become the bright beacon of light, shinning from within, so the world can see. When we walk the talk, setting an example, whoever needs the guidance and assistance will be guided and led by the universe to the right soul who can assist them. As such, we should focus on working on our own shadow from within, facing our own deep fears and insecurities; and the more we change ourselves, the more we are changing the world. Be the change 😊.