Change Is Positive

by Jean Luo

Life is not what we have been conditioned to believe by our culture and traditions since we were born. The utmost truth is that we are all souls incarnating on the earth plane to attend the school of life. Thus, life is an experience, a learning and growth opportunity, and a journey and continuation of soul evolution.

Whoever we are, whatever we are, and wherever we are, each of us is a unique soul and has his/her own unique life path for his/her own soul growth. To attain soul growth, each of us has chosen our own learning experiences. Some are much harder and more challenging than others, but also are more rewarding as such experiences enable us to attain much more soul growth. The hardest learning is to differentiate the two parts of our human components – the Higher Self and the Lower Self.

The Lower Self part of us is conditioned by our survival instincts, driven by safety, security and finding comfort for survival. All the negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are derived from it; The Higher Self part of us is the essence of our soul; it resides in our heart and has a direct connection to the Divine Source. The Higher Self part of us knows the true purpose and real reason why we are here. It understands the game of life and embraces the learning and growth experiences through life, and it guides us through our intuition and heart feelings. It knows that if we didn’t taste the bitterness of life, we would never know the sweetness of life; if we didn’t experience hardship and difficulties in our life, we would never cherish and appreciate the blessings of life; if we lived so comfortably and didn’t experience change, we would never attain soul growth. The worst nightmare is not being poor or death, it is when we go back to our true home in the world of Spirit and realize that we have wasted our life in the comfort zone while we were in the school of life!

Everything is energy. As such, to be energetic and alive our energy needs to be in constant flow. As the energy flows, change is inevitable. The planetary movement of the Universe enables changes to happen in our life collectively and individually. Regardless of whether we are ready for it or not, change is inevitable. The global pandemic in 2020 is an example. Because of it, we all have experienced global and social upheavals, and we have continued to experience on-going crises economically, socially, and politically. It indeed looks really “bad,” and it is “terrifying.”

On the other hand, from the readings that people have had with Alan and me during recent psychic fairs which we’ve participated in, we have witnessed the spiritual awakening of the souls because their life suddenly does not make any sense anymore. Whatever they have experienced in their life – broken relationships, health problems, financial crisis, career difficulties, or life hardships, the Universe has nudged them to start soul searching, questioning their life, wanting to find answers, and making life change, etc. This is what hardship, difficulties, and challenges are all about – to enable each of us to move out of our comfort zones to attain soul growth.

Soul growth can never be attained if we stay in our comfort zone and live a life without inspiration, imagination, motivation, and challenges. The Universe is always assisting us to stay on the path of our soul evolution through the planetary movements. Thus, when hardship, obstacles and challenges come to our life, we should not ask, “Why me? Why is life so unfair? Why I am so unfortunate, poor me?” Ask, instead, “what change should I make? How can I utilize this opportunity to overcome obstacles and difficulties? What can I learn from this? etc.” Stop complaining, avoiding, or fighting against change. Start facing the change without fear, surrendering to the change, and going with the change. Listen to your heart and follow your own intuition. The more we do so, the less fear and worry we have, and the faster we go through the change. In fact, “What to others seems “negative” can actually help a soul to grow and to move on in their life and spiritual development.” ~ Maitreya from Maitreya Quotes App

The most beautiful thing is that when we have come out of it, we will be able to see the true meaning and purpose of the whole experience, and we often will say, “oh, I am so glad that I have experienced it, or this is the best thing that I have ever done for myself.” Thus, we all should have no fear of hardship, difficulties, and challenges although it is never easy when we are going through them; and we all should remind ourselves to always remember the purpose and meaning of why we are here and what we are here for, see the “adversities” and “negativities” with positive perspectives, and embrace it without fear and insecurity or any other “negative” emotions.

Change is constant, change is inevitable, and change is positive! Embrace the journey of change in life, it is the road to soul growth, and it is rewarding to our soul!

“Life is filled with stories of souls who have gone through battles and survived. These souls are a beacon of light to those in darkness for they say to them, “I conquered the negative, I won through, often under very difficult circumstances. I did it.”” ~ Maitreya from Maitreya Quotes App