Change, Transition, Transformation, Evolution

Change. Transition. Transformation.
It is life. Moment to moment is change.
What stays the same? My inner being? Spirit? God? The Universe?
It seems that all in the physical world is meant to change. The weather has patterns, but seems to often break the norm. Nature has seasons, which vary each time they occur. A desert has storms. An ocean has swells and unusual currents. Mountains have slides and glacial melt.
Nature is all about change. Physical life is change. Patterns change. People change.

Change. Transition. Transformation. Evolution.
We are evolving. Look beyond – look deep within. The true being of you, the love within, is always there, through storms and swells, slides and melts; through joys and sorrows, tears and laughter. Transformation occurs through the realization that this loving being, who you truly are, is here through all of this human existence, and will always be.

And so it is, as we move into October and Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere…
the cool air of fall is creeping into the days and nights.
It whispers in the wind that blew the hat off my head.
The extra blanket is on the bed.
My body needs to adjust,
for soon this will be normal
and the coolness will become cold.
The wind will whip and howl the leaves away.
It is inevitable.
Roll with it. Adjust.
I will wear a better hat that won’t blow away,
Use that extra blanket,
Make soup to warm the inners,
And stand firmly in my sacred space in the universe.
I am not ready to be blown away with the leaves.
I am evolving.

For those of you in the South…
Let the warm winds blow through your hair.
Kick off that extra blanket.
Let your body adjust to the gradual warming.
Plant seeds for future harvest.
And stand firmly in your sacred space in the universe.
You are not ready to be blown away with the spring breeze.
You are evolving.

Affirmation from Maitreya: “I focus on changing myself from within; it will inevitably bring more compassion and positive transformation to the world around me.”

©Linda Zeppa: Author, writer, educator, Intuitive Development Coach and Guide, Writing Coach and Guide, Editor. For more information contact