I lived in one house for 21 years until I got pregnant with my oldest daughter Jennie and then I moved to live in a different town; I would have stayed at home indefinitely, but my parents could not handle the shame and gossip about my pregnancy and being unmarried, so we moved, and once we moved it seemed to set up a precedent of change which has been ongoing until now. I have moved 53 times in my 68 years, sometimes for short times, others for long term, but never longer than 5 years in one place. Many of the moves I have not wanted; I remember one change in particular when I left my first marriage and my ex became a problem; my second partner who would go on to be my husband, told me we were going to New Zealand, and I went into fear because it was a distance away, 3 hours by plane and a country I had no knowledge of except for a little knowledge of the Maori, the true people of New Zealand.

I remember sitting at the airport thinking, I do not want to go as they called our plane and it was time to fly away from Australia, a country I had come to love. I was surprised therefore when we landed in Auckland and I broke down and cried as the plane landed on New Zealand soil. From that moment onward I also loved New Zealand. I often wonder where I would be now had I not gone to New Zealand and walked away from the boarding gate in Australia. New Zealand gave me fame and success and abundance like I had never had before. After only a few weeks in the country spirit provided us with a beautiful house, fully furnished, all we had to do was move in and make the bed. Within another few weeks and an ad in the paper for my readings, I had to buy an answer machine because people were so impressed with my readings, they were telling their friends and family and the phone never stopped ringing.

Spirit then provided me with radio show segment which had a huge following, which led to the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly hearing about me and offering me a column in the magazine, one which was to last almost 4 years until I went overseas to the USA. Because of the magazine column, I got segments on a breakfast show and another radio show segment this time on a national radio show. Had I not gone to New Zealand I do not think I would have had what I had at that time.

I then had another change when I went overseas to the USA, I learned major lessons there, once again the change gave me the opportunity to teach a big course and become more of a teacher than a clairvoyant reader. My life has been constant change ever since and keeping in mind what happened in New Zealand, I have never complained about change until this year 2015 when I was told to go to India after leaving India the year before after spending 15 months there. My prior trip to India had been the opposite of my visit and eventual life in New Zealand.

I went to India twice before the visit in 2014; it was a great success, and so when I was told by spirit I needed to return in 2013, I went eagerly. Alan my husband, and my associate and friend Jean who came with us had just entered their Saturn return, a Saturn return is when the planet Saturn returns to the place it was when we were born, it can be if one does not fight it, be a time of great change for the positive, but before that happens, many people have to go through deep suffering and difficulty. My Saturn return had been easy, I had met Alan, fallen in love with him and chose to go to the USA to live with him. I still had a lot of learning to do ahead of me, mainly about letting go of family, possessions and my old way of life. I did not find it hard, but it was not easy at the same time. Change once again had become a part of my life.

The third India trip was for Jean and Alan to work through their Saturn return away from anyone or anything, which would have stopped them from doing so. We had another associate, part of our team as we call ourselves who also had some big lessons to learn; my job was to provide the energy for them to be able to do it. The third trip to India was like being in a drought, the Universe stopped any opportunity to work, we were given only what we needed financially, no more, and as we sat in our apartment dealing with the energy it brought to the surface a lot of anger, frustration and physical pain from past life energy. I became sick, she who was always fit and healthy had to be hospitalized for two illnesses connected to the past life energy, day surgery for one ailment and 5 days stay in hospital for the other.
It was for all of us a miserable existence made worse by the fact we could not leave, until spirit told us we could move 15 months into our stay. When the call came, we could not get out of the country quick enough. We were told to go to San Francisco, so we did, and it felt like being liberated from prison. The most important thing though was that we had all changed, each one of us was a different person to when we had arrived In India, Saturn which was still there for another year in Alan and Jean’s return and Jean’s daughter who had arrived in India a few months prior to our leaving, she too was in her Saturn return until late this year. We might as well have stayed in India!

Saturn again began blocking attempts to work on a personal level. This time I had Internet work, but very little personal contact with anyone. Alan was told we needed to go back to India, all of us needed to go, which went down like a lead balloon!

For the first time in my life I balked; I cried all day, and just could not believe it. Even more, when I was told we had go back and needed to divest ourselves of everything we owned. Fortunately, or perhaps as a karmic debt, we were able to give a lot to some friends of ours and they truly appreciated the kindness. On the one hand it seemed right to be doing that, but for me, letting go of personal items, favorite furniture etc. at first impression seemed a shock. I remember Maitreya telling me the Universe gives you many chances to do what you need to do, but then it will take it away, either by fire, tornado, flood, or some other way. I had seen it so often in my work and I was not going to be a statistic. The more I thought about divesting myself of my life over the last ten years the more it appealed to me; it cost a fortune to store it while we were traveling and even more to move it. We had a full apartment of furniture in India, which a friend had taken over, and we were going to live with him. It was time to not only change, but to let go.

Our friends decided what they needed from our house, and as soon as we listed the items they did not need on a local for sale site, it was bought; we could not believe how things were moving so fast!

Everything began to move so quickly, it was definitely meant to be. As we discussed what was going to our friends and what was being sold, I found myself in a sense of relief! I was ready to get rid of everything, I had no qualms and I could not wait for it to be gone. We decided to have a small storage unit for very personal items and that would be it. I have a huge library of Astrology books, my pride and joy, and therein is the issue, the pride bit, one can have no pride when one works for spirit, and so the books will be culled, some will be going to our friends, some for sale, and some I will keep, no more pride!

I know I will move a few more times before I pass into spirit; as a child I loved “Toad of Toad Hall” the stories of Toad who traveled the country in a trailer (caravan to you English folk) and led a life of change almost every week, I longed for that kind of life, it seemed so exciting and I think I manifested it with all the moves I have had. I know that any move after India will be without possessions, Alan and I intend to buy a motorhome in the future so that when we move our belongings go with us.

It is a wonderful feeling to be letting go of what I have had for some years, I feel so wonderful to have hardly anything when I leave for India, it is a liberating feeling, and one I hope will be in my life for the rest of my days; time will tell though, it will be interesting to see what future change brings!