This last month has really brought a lot of change to our lives. An opportunity arose for us in New Orleans, so we packed our bags and off we went. I wish it was that simple, but putting our noses to grind stone and expending a lot of energy to pack, drive and sort things out, generated a few emotional moments and opportunities for learning, like blowing a tire on the car tow dolly at 65mph outside Butte MT behind our 26ft fully loaded Penske truck we rented; but we made it, and about 30 days later we are pretty settled in. I won’t say that it wasn’t tiring and that we didn’t each have our moments of irritability, or should I say cantankerousness, but then again that is life whenever you are moved out of you comfort zone and into new situations. I am reminded of how often Maitreya wrote and spoke about change,

“Life is all about change. Just as the seasons change, so does life. Life cannot stay

the same, nothing can. Life itself must move on, otherwise without change, the world would become a stagnant pool of negative emotions. Change is what clears away the old energy and brings in the new. It has to. The old structured ways of conditioning are being removed, and a new energy is emerging… You cannot make changes while you remain in the comfort zone. You can only learn by being removed from it! It is only when you are removed from the comfort zone that you can finally recognize what is necessary to change and begin moving forward on the path to a higher vibration … Change can occur in many areas of your life, including career, money, partnerships, spirituality, your living space, and even with your children”. – Maitreya

Being with Margaret and Maitreya made change a common occurrence for me and blessed me with the invaluable understanding of there being a reason behind all things in our life that move us out of our comfort zone, whether we know that reason at the moment of change or not. So, when the opportunity presented itself to us to adventure to New Orleans, we embraced it. Of course we looked at it astrologically to see what challenges and opportunities the new location would present to each of us. As Margaret would often say, “Forewarned is being forearmed”, and that is the magic of astrology and trying to surf the energy that the universe presents to you. For me personally, the energy of New Orleans is very positive, so I am anxious to see what unfolds. Workwise, I’ve already experienced a couple breakthroughs with a contract I have been struggling with for the past 1.5 years and with some family matters that have been troubling me, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a glimpse of what is to come.

It is ironic that we are in New Orleans, which was devastated by a Category 5 Hurricane in 2005. A few thousand people lost their lives and thousands more were uprooted and many never returned. The energy of the city in many respects was washed away making way for new energy. From an emotional perspective, it was an overwhelming humanitarian crisis, but I can remember Maitreya discussing how the Universe was clearing the energy and moving people on, forcing change that was part of the learning that they had chosen in this lifetime.

So, with trust in the Universe and faith in ourselves, here we are New Orleans, let the games begin! Have a great month and embrace the changes in your life.