Changing life by taking a ride with the Planets’ movements
by Jean Luo

Time flies so fast, in a blink, 2024 is HERE! As always, a new year is a new energy and a new opportunity for us to do something to make our life better individually and collectively. How can we make changes individually and collectively as a whole? Well, it is always tied to the planetary movements of the planets – the astrological transits of the Universe.

Everything is energy. The Universe is the source of all energy represented by the planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Nodes of the Moon (the Nodes are not Planets but mathematically important points), and more. Each planet represents a unique energy which has a direct impact on us and our lives individually and collectively. As a soul, we are all pure live consciousness which is made of the planets’ energies. Thus, everyone and everything on the Earth Plane is a piece of the combined energy which each planet represents.

The energies of the planets are live, dynamic and in constant movement in their orbits around the Sun. It is the planets’ movement that provides us with life energy so that we can make changes, let go of the old and move into the new. As always, change is constant, change is dynamic, and change is inevitable. What new energies will the planets bring as we begin the new year of 2024?

Firstly, on the first day, the day of the new year of 2024, Mercury, the planet of all sorts of communication, turns direct at 22º33’ Sagittarius. It symbolizes that communications will shift to a new order. A wonderful way to start this new year, on a new mental basis, free from the old ways of seeing things to the new. Remember there could still be some misunderstandings, changed minds, lost keys, disrupted schedules, and missed flights during its shadow period which will end on January 21, 2024.

Then, on January 22, 2024, Pluto – the planet of transformation, death and rebirth will enter Aquarius at 4:50 PM till September 1 and then re-enters Aquarius on November 20 until 2044. Pluto in Aquarius will stay at 0 degree to 2 degrees 6 minutes in 2024, symbolizing a powerful new energy of change and transformation.  We will start to witness the power shifting from a small elite group to the masses, as more and more people will come together to resist being governed by those who only enjoy self-serving privileges. The focus of the masses will be to seek true democracy by striving for equality, freedom, and humanitarian rights. More and more people will stand up for principles of  “WE,” the people, are the power and control of our own destiny and reality.

The planets’ movement not only affects us collectively, but individually. Which area of our life will be affected by Pluto in Aquarius in the next 20 years depends on which natal house is ruled by the Aquarian energy and what planets are in that house in our individual natal chart.

The movements of the planets bring changes in our lives individually and collectively. However, we can choose to be forced to change, or we can be willing to change. There is a big difference between being forced to change and being willing to change. Being forced to change means that we are not prepared; being willing to change means that we are ready to embrace and go with the change. Being forced to change will always bring devastation and painful experiences due to our own resistance; on the other hand, being willing to change is surrendering  to change and embracing change with full trust in the energy of the Universe. Because of our willingness, no matter how big and how hard the change may be, we will go through it with faith, trust, patience, and perseverance. To the end, we become a better soul, and our life becomes much better too.

You may ask how to be ready for change? The best way is to educate yourself through the knowledge of understanding Metaphysics and Astrology. Educate yourself about the energy of life and your own astrological makeup, as well as what the important energy influences you and your life will experience during the year by understanding your Solar Return Reading and the Planets transit to your natal planets .

Education is the Key. Education brings knowledge; knowledge gives us understanding; understanding releases fear; releasing fear gives us the willingness to embrace change.

Make 2024 a year of changes through educating yourself through Astrology and Metaphysics. If you do so, you will see your life unfold beautifully towards your destiny according to your life plan!

Have a wonderful and adventurous 2024!