Changing of the Seasons

Life, like nature, constantly changes. We’re entering the summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere and in the South, they are starting winter. What will nature have in store for us as we transition from one season to the other. What coat or sweater will we need to put on or shed? Are we turning on the heat or the air conditioner, or do we make the choice to throw on another sweater or do we choose to just sweat out the heat? The seasons resemble life, and as things change, we get to make choices. With each choice, we get to navigate the outcome. Sometimes the choice we make easily goes with the flow and other times, no matter what we do, we’re swimming upstream. The life lesson is to go with the flow, make a choice and learn from the experience. If the Universe is trying to get your attention or prompting you into a learning experience, the outcome of the choice you make or continue to make will continue to present a challenge until you learn from the experience. The hardest thing for us to do in the challenging moments is not let the emotions of pride, fear, jealousy, insecurity to name just a few get in the way of learning from the experience.

Nature is the Universe in its purest form on the Earth plane, how will we react to the changes of the seasons? Will we learn from what’s presented to us or will we allow someone else to dictate whether we pack a swimsuit or a sweater, or will take charge of our own choices, accept responsibility for our actions and learn from the outcomes?

A lesson I continue to struggle with is keeping my mouth shut and allowing someone to experience and learn from a choice the Universe presents to them that seems so clear and obvious to me. My self tells me that I care for them, love them, want to make it easier for them and I don’t want them to make the same mistake I made. If I’m truthful, it’s me getting in the way of the Universe bringing a learning experience to someone I profess to care about. I remember a simple metaphysical lesson with my son and his soccer buddy long before I even heard the word Metaphysical. The season was turning to fall, and the nights were starting to get chilly as the sun went down. We picked up my son’s soccer buddy for a late afternoon practice and as he ran out of the house, I noticed he didn’t have his soccer jacket with him. Thinking I was the responsible parent, I prompted him about needing his jacket and he quickly ran back in the house and grabbed it. A couple days later I was talking to his father and mentioned his son not remembering his jacket. His father’s statement really surprised me, he said “you should have not said anything and when he got cold it would help him learn to bring his coat”. Ironically, his response matched what Maitreya would say. Who was being irresponsible, me or the dad, I think the lesson was mine. 😊

As the seasons change and the planets continue to wander through the sky influencing your energy and driving your chosen life lessons, karmic interactions, and past life energy, try and focus on what the Universe is bringing your way. It’s easy to get distracted by wanting to assist everyone else when the one you should be helping is staring back at you in the mirror every morning.

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