Channelling Wisdom

I’m sitting here at my laptop with a blank Word document open in front of me. I didn’t know what to write about this month, so I decided to do what I’ve been taught to do. And that is – to ask Spirit!

I did, and I was given the answer, “Write about channelling.” So this is what I’m doing. And that, is a very good, small example of channelling!

The word ‘channelling’ simply means communicating with Spirit, and Margaret taught me how to channel on her Master of Metaphysics course in 2005 – at Taupo in New Zealand. Now there is a nice memory! Alan and Jean were there – and a few other students from around the world. Natalija. Caroline. Josie. I flew to New Zealand with my then boyfriend, Kevin, who went on to publish the Maitreya Vol I book of his teachings, which is still in print and available for sale on my website.

Margaret used the Osho set of oracle, or tarot, cards to teach us, and after showing us how to use the deck, she told us to simply trust and go with our intuition. At that point in my development I didn’t really know how to do that.

We were put into pairs, and I remember the first time I shuffled the cards, I became very nervous giving a reading to my friend and fellow student Caroline! As per usual, and with later experience, the words and messages that popped into my head and that I told her felt right for her and helped her, so Caroline and my first experience were very encouraging. To be honest, I was still a little sceptical that I could channel. But I found that I could, and I can, and it really works if your intention and will to do so is in the right place! Your heart!

After returning back home to England, where I’d already started teaching Maitreya’s course, I more confidently included channelling readings to my students as part of my Beginners Metaphysics Course. I bought my own set of Osho cards and practised on friends and family first! I advertised that I gave readings, and these were always successful with members of the public.

Practice makes perfect and that gave me the confidence I needed to do more.

Jump further forward a few years, having also practised manifesting things into my life successfully, which also came with practise, I learnt that I could also simply chat to Spirit in my head (my mind) which is so comforting, and I can channel written wisdom. Nothing’s an accident, of course, and I am blessed to have played the piano from age seven, as well as having learnt to touch-type on an old-fashioned typewriter – yes, even before IBM invented their electric Golf-ball typewriters! – so I am pretty fast on a keyboard, which has made channelled writing so much quicker and easier for me.

I go back afterwards and edit my many typos! Although I expect Alan finds some when he edits this for the monthly newsletter!

In ‘A Course in Miracles’, Jesus teaches us to listen to the “Voice for God”, which is Spirit in our minds, as opposed to our ego thoughts. The Voice for Love instead of the crazy negative thoughts we tend to get swirling through our minds.

There’s a simple but effective morning practice you could try if you want to learn to hear the Voice for God. First thing in the morning, take a pen and notebook and write, “Lord, what would you have me know today?” Or you can write, “Spirit, what would you have me know today?”

It never fails! You WILL be given information. Initially it might only be a word or a phrase, but after you’ve become practised, you will be given paragraphs! Or maybe a word or phrase is enough to give you guidance for your day. Trust that what you’re given is Truth.

The way I tell the difference between Spirit communicating with me and my own thoughts is that they (Spirit) always use the pronoun “you”, which I never do in my head. It’s always “I, me and my”!

For example, “I think I’ll go shopping now” would be my ego thoughts making a plan, whereas Spirit talk thus, “Go and buy the bread now.” It’s more of an instruction to me. But they also make amusing comments and observations to me, such as, “You really know that already Jacquie!” and it’s said with such a feeling of love and good humour, which to be honest our ego thoughts are usually harsh and critical of ourselves.

Margaret used to say Spirit and the Ascended Masters are always having fun and a laugh, and I experience this light-heartedness in their messages.

Go have fun with channelling! Let me know how you get on.

With love, as ever


Jacquie Verbeek