Although “Chiron” in Astrology is considered as an asteroid, it should never be overlooked. Through my own experiences and those from people around me I am convinced that Chiron plays a far more critical and important role on our soul journey.

In astrology, Chiron is called the “wounded healer”. Where Chiron is located in our natal chart is the area we often experience deep “hurt” and “pain” that it can easily run very deep into our being. The pain and hurt is often triggered by people whom we love the most or who are very close to us, with or without their conscious intention. The sign Chiron inhabits in our natal chart determines the characteristics the Chiron energy plays in our life.

For example, if someone has Chiron in Libra and it is located in their 11th house, they may often feel “hurt” and “pain” in relationships with close friends. If their Chiron was resided in 7th house and in the sign of cancer, they may often have feelings of not being nurtured or cared for in their marriage or close relationships, etc.

I have Chiron in Capricorn in the 2nd house in my natal chart, it indicates that my deep wound is around value, worth and authority. My whole life I have been trying to meet my father’s expectation so that he would be proud of me, as if my self-worth and self-value was fully dependent on his approval. I easily felt “hurt” or “emotionally wounded” whenever I felt challenged by someone. My spontaneous response I used to have was defensive and endlessly trying to justify myself. Whenever I felt hurt, I just wanted to isolate myself from everyone and I often just wanted to die so that I no longer needed to feel the hurt and the pain.

The “wounded” feeling often goes back to our childhood experiences in this life, but the root cause is deeply connected to our past life experiences. It was created many incarnations ago and we have never dealt with it, so it has become a source of our “deepest wound”.

Chiron’s wound is very deep and sometimes hidden as it resides deep in our soul memory and subconscious. Whenever we experience our Chiron wound, we become vulnerable, emotional and irrational. During these times anyone can easily push the “button” to create deep emotional pain inside us without their knowing what they just did to us. Our often reaction and response is “How could they do this to me?” “See, they really don’t care about me”, etc. We feel deeply wounded from within as if our heart is bleeding and our whole being is broken.

It is so easy and logical for us to see ourselves as a victim. Our spontaneous response and reaction is to blame others for our pain and hurt rather than recognizing that the wound is rooted deeply within ourselves, we own it. No one but ourselves can heal our Chiron wound because it lies in our own deep subconscious. We will continually act and react this way till we realize it’s true purpose and begin to take full responsibility for healing it.

Healing your Chiron wound can take many years. It can be a life long journey of self-healing from within. It is also a gradual healing process and it is similar to peeling a big onion with many deeply rooted layers being pulled back and exposed one at a time. It needs honesty, truthfulness and awareness to connect with this wound. It takes courage and patience to deal with it and it requires forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and compassion to heal it. Once we come to terms with our Chiron through changing our perspective and start viewing ourselves not as a victim, but as a great source of healing and take the opportunity to get to know ourselves deeply, thoroughly and intimately, we start the process of healing ourselves. As we begin the healing journey, we start to explore many deep and hidden aspects of ourselves: how we relate to others; how we view and treat ourselves through others; our habits, our beliefs and our conditioning, etc. are all coming to the light for us to examine and to make change. We then open a door of becoming a great healer in the service to others who may be experiencing the similar “wound” we have experienced. The true power of a “wounded” healer is born out of the process of healing our own deepest wound.

Find out the astrological sign of your Chiron and the house of your Chiron in your natal chart, you will then gain a much deeper understanding about yourself! It for sure will change you and your life very deeply and positively!