Korinne and I were watching America’s got talent the other night, which, along with the other reality talent shows around the world offer some incredibly inspirational stories. The obstacles that some of these contestants had to overcome on their journeys to their 3-minute chance at fame are incredibly inspirational. If you haven’t seen any of these shows, just go to You Tube and prepare to be moved. On this particular night, the young man who is a dancer and happens to be going blind says he is just happy that God has allowed him to be there on stage.

This triggered a discussion of why do so many people tend to give God all the credit for everything they do rather than looking at the “Choices” they made to get to that particular instant in time they are enjoying. For this particular young man, what choices has he had make as he battles his fear of his world becoming dark around him? Hopefully his story will inspire many that are in situations that they chose to make the choice to live in a state of “poor me” to make another choice that will hopefully work towards a brighter outcome.

As we are in our last days here in the U.S. before we head off to India, I have been reflecting on how things are really in turmoil here. There is a lot of change going on all over the world, but being from the U.S. I have experienced so much of the social change that is unfolding and causing so much dissention between the old and the new. It seems to me that so much of the turmoil is over those that want choice and ironically, those that are stuck in their perception of what God wants for us. Even scarier, is their perception that they are God’s emissaries and need to carry out his plan by infringing and creating restrictions on us wherever possible.

I am not sure people realize that God is just a given. It is an energy that powers all that is, not to be worshiped, but to be accepted as the power that lights up the Universe. Not in the sense of “All Powerful”, but in the sense of, if you don’t plug the light into the electrical socket, there will be no power to turn the light on with. The Earth plane is just one of many destinations within this light. It also happens to be a school where people go to experience free choice as they make their journey through a curriculum of learning they have chosen.

This social change I have mentioned has really come to the forefront as the LGBT movement has finally won in the highest court in the land. Watching people of the same sex get married and finally having access to the same rights everyone else has is incredible. The “Choices” the pioneers of this movement made involved much sacrifice, pain and misery to get to this point in time. I grew up during the civil rights movement with Dr. Martin Luther King and his ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Black rights. The irony is, even though these movements gained legal status, those whose perception is that they are God’s agents on the Earth continue to drive divisiveness into every facet of all our lives through local laws and prejudice. Unfortunately, it is also their “Choice” to do this.

On a personal note, I remember being a senior in high school and one of my friends who made a choice to have sex, ended up getting his girlfriend pregnant. It was 1974 and the prior year the Supreme Court ruled in the famous Roe vs. Wade case here in the U.S. that individuals now had the legal right to an abortion. So, they with their parents made the choice to end the pregnancy and reset things back to each of them being seniors in high school rather than young parents with no jobs and no education. I think it was their right to make that choice.

It is now 2015 and even though 4 decades have passed, these envoys of this perceived God on Earth are still doing everything in their power to prevent woman from making choices about their lives with abortion being at the pinnacle. It goes back to their holy book that basically subjects woman to 2nd hand servitude. What is amazing to me is these women freely make this choice, which is their choice to make and allow themselves to be treated as 2nd class citizens.

Someone said to me the other day, “you think I’m stupid” and I said, “actually I don’t, but I don’t think you are very informed on the issue you are pontificating on.” This whole concept of abortion in my truth comes from pure ignorance. We incarnate to this plane with one underlining tenet, “Free Will” which manifests to use by way of “Choice”. Since life never ends and we choose to incarnate on the Earth plane, there must be a mechanism by which we, our soul, enters this earthly world to inhabit the physical form and begin our journey.

There is much discussion around abortion and when viability of the fetus starts, from the ambassador’s of the God who think life begins at conception. I think woman really do get the raw deal in this debate. The Elder’s of God’s emissaries are for the most part men. It is interesting, that even though they are not woman, they can have determination of the woman’s body and their decision relating to this energy within them. If life never ends and we have contracts when we incarnate, how do you know when the contract is really executed?

Back to choice, it is the ultimate insult to infringe on someone else’s ‘s choice whether it pertains to a class they are taking in school, a boy or girl they choose to marry, or whether a woman chooses to ultimately consummate the contract with a new soul entering the world. You are not killing anything, the soul that was going to come through the uterus, just doesn’t, end of story. They go back to the drawing board in the world of spirit and setup their lessons and karma with another suitable physical form. It might even be the same person at a later point in their journey.

If the Pontificator’s of the perceived Almighty really think that this energy would allow an unborn energy to suffer before it even touches the earth plane due to the “Freewill Choice” made by one of it’s beloved creatures whom it loves unconditionally; then I have some ocean property in Utah I would like to sell you. Oh by the way, the Great Salt Lake may be saltier than the ocean, but it’s not an ocean!

Have a good month!