Choices, 2021 and Beyond

It’s been said that there is only one constant in the Universe and that is Change! Often the change is sudden and unexpected, and somewhat out of our control. The Universe, our great teacher is constantly putting us in situations to assist us to learn the life lessons we’ve chosen, or deal with some Karmic debt we’ve chosen to allow someone to repay to us or us to them. The ingredient we add to the mix is the one attribute that is completely under our control and that is “Freewill Choice”.

We’ve just left the Saturn transit of Capricorn that has broken down a lot of structures in our life and we have just entered the Saturn in Aquarius phase for the next couple years. The energy of wanting to have absolute freedom from authority and humanitarian idealism will be strong. This is just a warmup to Pluto (transformation and rebirth) entering Aquarius in 2023.

Get ready because there are a lot more changes on the horizon for each of us individually and collectively. BUT, it is of utmost important to stay focused on your life, your lessons, your karma. Try to maintain your focus on your heart center and make your choices from the heart and not someone else’s emotional truths.

As Maitreya often would say, ‘One person’s truth is another person’s folly’. How can this be? Simply put, what’s trapped inside of you is unique to you, your life plan, and your life journey. This incarnation is your personal undertaking to enable you to release that exclusive energy that is trapped within you. Your Lower Self part of you will utilize the emotional truths of others to hold you back on your soul journey of evolution by not taking full responsibilities for all the life choices you’ve made.

Rejoice in this new catalyst of energy that is supporting Freedom as Saturn enters Aquarius with an assist from the planet Jupiter and its attributes of growth and expansion over the next year. All the energy is there to support you as you strive for your unfettered “Freedom” but be cognizant that “Freewill Choices” create outcomes that you need to take ownership of. Saturn’s recent transit through Capricorn hopefully helped you become aware of taking responsibility for your actions rather than playing the victim of your circumstance.

Think about your Choice’s as you enter 2021 and embrace the Changes the Universe presents you with from the Perspective of You and Your Journey! Accept and learn from the outcomes of your Freewill Choices. For a Free download of Maitreya’s Wisdom Cards App and Maitreya Quotes App, Click Here.

Have great months and Best Wishes on your journey in 2021.