Choose Freedom
by Laura Elliott

Happy Spring Everyone! The message from the Angels this month is about choosing to be free. In so many consultations they are expressing to people the nature of their captivity, while also trying to break the news to them gently that they are captives, and they don’t even know it. Not necessarily an easy thing to do but they choose to give the news to those whom they feel are ready to receive it. When they are sharing this lesson of freedom the enormity of the importance of it always astounds and overwhelms me. I find that I have to remind myself to stay out of the discussion so that they can describe it accurately. If only we could end the never-ending cycle of fear. We could be free. We can be free. If we choose to learn and make different choices, we will be free. This is my wish and prayer to the Creator.

Have a great month!


This is the time for many to release held energy from previous lives. The energy that is created in the physical must also be resolved in the physical. You will find that the energy that needs to be resolved is usually from a traumatic experience in a past life. You do not hold on to the things that you consider ‘good’ as you do those things that you consider ‘bad’ or traumatic. This is because it is what you were taught to do. The religions of the world took it upon themselves to create ‘good’ and ‘bad’ so that they could create fear and thereby have control over their congregations. They then taught those they taught to go out and convert others to their way of thinking and condemn those that would not convert, such as those native people of the Earth that were spiritually more advanced.

They taught fear to create societies that were run by fear. When a person is kept in a constant state of fear soon it becomes so normal that they do not even realize that they are living in a constant state of fear. The moment that you buy into the idea of ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘right’, and ‘wrong’ you are giving your power away and living in a constant state of victimhood. When an entire society is kept in fear, an entire world kept in fear, then those who are generating the fear have the control of the world. This is the situation at this time. These Beings survive on fear energy, it feeds them. The more fear and chaos they create the more Humanity turns to them for answers and the more power they have. Understand that this was possible because the ones that perpetrated this act upon Humanity were able to do so while navigating the restrictions (as they would see it) of Free Will. They are very manipulative, so they have been able to achieve their goals while technically still honoring Free Will. Through manipulation they are able to get Humanity to make the choices they want them to, so that technically Humanity is using their Free Will to make these decisions but without these Beings manipulations the choices would most likely have been different.

As we said, these Beings began by laying the groundwork with religion. They taught Humanity that they must have morals, and that involved creating the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. They taught Humanity about fear, and they taught them to fear their Creator. They taught Humanity to judge each other and themselves, to love conditionally, and withhold forgiveness when they are ‘wronged’. They taught Humanity that they needed to do certain things (which not so coincidentally benefited those in power) in order to be loved and accepted by the Creator. They taught that the Creator was a vengeful, judgmental man sitting upon a throne. They twisted the concept of being created in the image and likeness of the Creator and instead imbued the Creator with the worst of the attributes of Humanity. They taught Humanity that they must make decisions with their mind and those who made decisions from the heart were criticized and ridiculed, thus severing the direct connection to their own inner wisdom and their personal connection to their Higher Self and the Creator. They further decreed that Humanity must have a “go-between” to intercede on their behalf with the Creator all in an effort to further separate Humanity from their natural Spiritual form. They taught that crying was not allowed thereby inhibiting the ability of Humanity to excrete the chemical waste through the tears that the fear was creating in their bodies which began to shorten their lifespan. They did all these things and more to take advantage of the choice made by the collective consciousness of Humanity to experience Duality.

You may ask, “Why was this allowed to happen to us?” and we say it was your Free Will choice to experience Duality that brought Humanity down this path, and it was allowed to happen because the perpetrators, while skirting the very edge of Free Will requirements, were still following those requirements. Humanity has always had the choice to turn away from the teachings of these Beings. Even though Humanity has been manipulated by them for eons, at any time it was possible for Humanity to take their power back and make the choice NOT to live in fear. At any time, it has been possible, and still is possible, for Humanity to realize that they have been manipulated into thinking these ideas were theirs and that all they need do is to make the choice to do something other than what they have been doing all this time. It is NEVER too late. Many messengers were sent over the eons to bring reminders to Humanity of their True Nature of Spirituality and awaken them to the choices they were making.

All the tactics these Beings implemented caused, and were meant to cause, Humanity to experience extreme separation from their Higher Self and the Creator. Humanity was taught not to connect with their Heart Space to make decisions because that is where you have access to the answers to every question in the Universe. You are directly linked to your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, ancestors, and the Creator through your Heart Space. These Beings taught Humanity to stay out of their Heart Space because they knew they would lose control if Humanity realized the power that they had been handing over all this time. To keep people in fear, ignorance, and separation is a tactic well used by those who wish to hold all the power. You will see this in overt ways, but you will also see it in the less obvious scenarios as you reconnect with your Higher Self and grow spiritually. This tactic has been copied by Humanity to enslave other members of Humanity as well; outlaw learning and knowledge and the populace is repressed and in ignorance. Knowledge is dangerous to those who wish to hold the power. This is why we wish to bring Awareness and Knowledge to the masses; because this knowledge can change the playing field and affect Humanity’s future.

We give this lesson not to incite anger or revenge; that is the work of the Beings that have enslaved you and we are teaching the opposite. We are of the Light. We bring messages of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Non-Judgment. Therefore, what we wish to accomplish with this message is to bring Awareness of the dark room that you have been living in but not aware you have been living in. We are carrying the torch into the room to cast away all of the shadows that have been clouding your vision and making it difficult to see clearly. We are of the Light and teach Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Non-Judgment for all. The only way to fight the darkness is with Love and Light. We ask you to Unconditionally Love, Forgive, and Not Judge those Beings who have perpetrated this act of darkness upon you. If you are not able to learn to do this then you are still existing in the paradigm that they have created for you. Only in this way can you free yourselves and take your strength and power back. Only with the Awareness of what has been happening can you then choose to do something different than what you have been doing. Everything begins with Awareness; without it you do not even see that a change is necessary.

We are not here to feed conspiracy theories or the like, we simply give you your history of where you have been so that you may change where you are going. As always, the choice is yours to accept the information or not, but we hope that the cognitive dissonance that you may experience from our information will not prevent you from eventually reaching the growth potential that you share equally with the rest of Humanity.

Thank you for allowing us to serve in this way.

Love always,

Your Angels

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant and published author. She offers private consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, strengthen their own inner guidance, and reach personal spiritual growth. She currently offers a 10 Week Metaphysical Course for one-on-one coaching with her and the Angels. You can find more information on beginning this course at Laura’s website You can also find Laura on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (messaging with angels), and Twitter (@MessagingAngels). Her book With Love, From Your Angels – Tools and Knowledge to Help You Transcend This Human Experience (Balboa Press) is now available from her website or in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from