Clearing and Healing Our Subconscious

Whenever we close and harden our heart to avoid feeling pain or discomfort, we retard our heart and limit its capacity to also feel other vibrations, such as joy and love, and especially intuition.

In a way, we do not trust ourselves and our heart to be capable of dealing with pain, so our initial reaction to pain is usually to close our heart and shut the pain out, it is to sweep it under the rug and bury it in our subconscious. Little do we know that within our heart is the power of love and compassion well capable of facing and dissolving pain. If only we could keep our heart open to courageously feel the pain, to let it enter our heart rather than shut it out, we would be able activate and awaken the innate healing power of our heart, and become enlightened to the fact that we do already have the energy medicine available within ourselves to heal ourselves.

Pains of today can help to resurface and heal the unresolved pains of yesterdays, thus painful experiences are often deliberately planned by ourselves on a soul level to help us heal our past and clear our subconscious. These pains of yesterdays are however so old and obscure, yet deeply-entrenched and overwhelming, that it is only too tempting to want to run away from them time and again, often without even knowing what exactly are we running away from. It is thus also quite common that life challenges or crises that were spiritually intended and orchestrated to help trigger us and clear our subconscious often ended up compounding and complicating it, because instead of facing our fear and feeling our pain we once again shut them out and shelved them in our subconscious. Every painful experience that we repress or suppress adds a further layer of pain to our subconscious making it even harder to clear and free ourselves from.

Whether we feel fear and pain consciously or subconsciously we still suffer, but in addition to clearing our subconscious, we can learn more fully from experience as well as develop more empathy (for both self and others) when we suffer consciously than subconsciously.

It is imperative that we heal and clear our subconscious or else all its fears and pains will continue to subconsciously control us, influence our choices and run our lives.

A contaminated and murky subconscious weighs us down and holds us back from rising further in vibration, adversely affecting our soul journey even beyond the earth plane. Thus an even greater imperative why we repeatedly reincarnate in order to clear our subconscious.