Have you ever had communications from loved ones after they have passed? Well, I have. I had only read about such experiences until my Dad passed away in 2004. Some are very subtle and easy to miss and others not so much.

My Dad lived in the same house for 50 plus years, so before we put his house was on the market to be sold, there was years and years of belonging to go through. I lived close, so I would go over several times a week to organize and clean. One morning as I was leaving my driveway to go to my Dad’s, I noticed a large Eagle feather in my driveway. I was felt excited and privileged to find one, yet not totally unexpected, as there are Eagles that live nearby. I still felt blessed to find one. When I arrived at my Dad’s house, there was another Eagle feather in the grass close to the front door! What! Two eagle feathers within minutes of each other! I knew at that time those were a gift from above and they are something I cherish still. They sit on my mantle to remind me of how closely we are still connected to those on the other side.

Dimes were another sign. My daughters would often help me clean and we would find random dimes everywhere! Dad had his pocket change sitting in a bowl so they were not part of that, but these were individual dimes in the oddest of places. Sometimes we would just have cleaned a room then go back in and find several dimes. One time a dime fell out of the air onto the floor! We always knew where they were coming from. We would say “hi grandpa!”

Another time, I was cleaning out a big pile of old wood and stumbled on a large piece causing a gash in my leg. There was nothing to clean it with so I just let it bleed, thinking the blood would carry away the dirt. Because I was working outside I knew I had to take care of the wound so as not to get it infected, but there wasn’t anything to cover it with to stop the bleeding. I did not want to stop and go home so I decided to go do another chore that would be less dirty. I went into the garage to start organizing to see what items would stay and what could be thrown away. I opened a box, and surprise, there were Band-Aids in there! I started laughing, because I knew I was guided to go to the garage so I would find the Band-Aids! My Dad had first aid kits in several different locations and I was just lead by him to find one.

Voices are not as common and can be scary. My Dad was a handy man and I learned a lot about home repairs from him. He had the best workshop and I could always find the tools I needed for my projects. One day I was standing in front of his workbench organizing his tools, when I heard a loud voice yell my name. I was so startled; it scared me, as I was alone that day. The voice sounded like it was underwater, a bit garbled, but very loud. My heart was beating fast and when I turned around to see who was there, I walked through a very cold energy! Aha, then I knew it was my Dad’s voice from the other side. He was just trying to let me know he was watching me and appreciated my efforts to get the house in order.

I used to store my boat at my Dad’s house to avoid paying monthly storage fees. My daughter Karen and I were putting away the boat in the fall for winter storage. I was underneath the boat draining the oil and Karen was standing right besides the boat. All of a sudden the garage and porch lights starting blinking and neither ones of us was by any light switches. I asked Karen what she was doing to the lights? Then we both started to laugh and realized it was my Dad signaling us.

What about those dreams where your loved ones come and visit you? They are not dreams and they are really visiting you! Both my Dad and my cat came to me in my dreams at different times. My Dad’s face appeared very large right in front of me and I just felt the love and a peaceful energy. Another time, several months after my cat had passed, I was asleep and in my dream I heard a small bell sound, then all of a sudden, my kitty appeared and I was allowed to hold and hug him for the longest time, so sweet. The bell sound was from his favorite collar when he was a kitten; he loved to shake his head to make the sound. Both times I woke up crying because it was so real and felt the love.

These were my experiences; you may have similar or different ones. I have also read that some people see lots of birds or butterflies, will smell a certain scent like perfume or cigarette smoke, objects in the home can move like pictures on the wall or the object will be found in a different location and the telephone rings but nobody is there. (As I am writing this, the telephone rang and nobody was there!) Don’t dismiss them, as they are real. They want us to know they are safe and they love us.