Colors and Upliftment

We’ve been doing Wellness Fairs the last 9 months or so and we do Aura Photo readings. It’s very uplifting to see people’s smiles and awe-ha moments as we read the photo. As the colors develop into Green (Healing), Blue (Communication), Orange (Creativity), Violet (Intuition), Yellow (Fear) or Red (Anger or Unused Energy) it is a gateway to interact into their everyday life and perceptions. Like I said we get some incredible smiles, but also sometimes we pull a plug of emotions to the surface that requires a few tissues as some tears flow. As Margaret would often say when the tears flowed, “Just think how much more psychic you’ll be tomorrow.” LOL

Color is kind of an non-intrusive way to talk to people about energy and who they are. While an Aura Photo makes it easy for us, you could also take note of colors you are drawn to and also those that you are put off by. Jean wrote a great book Color Cards & Self Healing that may assist you to utilize the knowledge of color to assist you on your journey. It is available in e-book format.

With Spring in the air, it is uplifting to see and breathe in the colors of the trees and flowers. Get out in nature and fill up your energy tank with the beauty that nature provides to us free of charge. It is time for upliftment of our Spirit, use the inherent power of color to assist you.

Here is two newsletters Maitreya wrote on Color. Newsletter #334: Color- Part I & Newsletter #335: Color – Part II

Have a great month,