Comfort Zone

Each week Jean posts Maitreya quotes/teachings on Facebook, and it often elicits responses from people. She posted this one other day.

The comfort zone is a wonderful place to be, but one does not learn from being there, one can only learn from being removed from it! ~Maitreya

It generated a response from a reader that we often do good work when we are comfortable. I have to agree fully but would like to add a caveat. It would be helpful to look at your astrological chart to assist you to where your lessons or karmic energy is unfolding so you don’t get stuck in the comfort zone and miss the learning opportunity the Universe is presenting to you. You may have areas where being comfortable will not impact or hinder your development. On the other hand, in areas you’ve chosen to experience life lessons and karmic interactions, the comfort zone will often be utilized by your lower-self-aspect to deter you from fulfilling the chosen life lessons and karmic interactions you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

For me, my journey to Margaret/Maitreya took me away from home and family, children and a 17-year marriage which was definitely outside my comfort zone. Astrologically speaking, in my Natal chart, I have no planets in my 4th house of Home and Family, 5th house of Children, or 7th house of Marriage and Partnerships. i.e., I didn’t have main life lessons in these areas. Only you can answer the question around whether the comfort zone is beneficial or if your lower self is using it as a ‘ruse’ against you. I strongly suggest you try and understand your Astrology to assist you in navigating your comfort zones.

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