Communication is one of the most important and key factors in all human relationships. What we communicate and how we communicate can lead to positive results in relating to each other – unite, support, respect, peace and harmony, or to ‘negative’ consequences in relating to each other – conflict, fighting, dissension, division and destruction. Furthermore, communication is one of the most important life lessons we have all chosen to learn from in our relationships with others. Even those who have chosen to be mute or deaf in this lifetime have lessons related to learning how to communicate through silence or using body language. Unfortunately, now days, the human world has so many problems and the root cause is primarily communication. So much energy has been wasted fighting over different opinions and beliefs. If we use all the energy that we have wasted arguing and fighting and re-directed it towards peace and harmony, what a beautiful and peaceful world we could be manifesting!

Communication includes expressing and listening. It is a two-way dialog. All conversation involves both speaking and listening. It is important that we learn to express ourselves honestly and truthfully from the heart so that we can be a true expression of ourselves. However, many of us have difficulties opening ourselves up to speak our truth and to express our true feelings honestly. Why do we act this way? It often is caused by our own fear of being inadequate, our inner anxiety and turmoil, and our fear of rejection and ridicule. Thus, we tend to cover up our true feelings and emotion with a smile and a laugh when in the company of others. Some of us are so successful at this that we appear to be so bright, happy and care free. Our sensitivity and dislike of discord leads us to try to keep the peace at any cost. Our own deep unconscious fear of persecution, conflict or ridicule prevents us from communicating openly with others and from free self-expression. However, when the pressure of these bottled up emotions becomes too great, they often result in an unfortunate explosion of anger or we may suppress them via alcohol or drugs as a way of cutting ourselves off from our unexpressed inner worries. When the deep buried energy finally erupts with its own power, it often can be an uncontrollable destructive force. The irony is that most of us do not realize that we have created this illusionary bubble that things are alright and that we have taken the high road, when in fact, we have just tucked this unexpressed energy, which is very real, in a deep dark place shielded from the illusion of everything being ‘ok” that we’ve created. We sense this energy, and sooner or later, it erupts. It is the fear of expressing ourselves, placing ourselves in a moment of vulnerability as we speak up for ourselves. This fear has locked us in the darkness and prevented us from expressing ourselves!

As a human being, the creator has given each of us the unique gift of freedom to speak and express ourselves. Thus, we have the freedom to use the gift to honor the creator’s creation. It is not what we say, but how we say it.

You want to speak and express your truth with love in your heart in a quiet and clear manner as you convey your intention with conviction, but without criticizing or judging another with ‘negative’ emotions. Let the other person know that this is your own truth, and you are not criticizing or judging. When you do so, your fear will dissipate, and you will gradually start to speak your truth more often. Indeed, the words you speak can be a very powerful tool of transformation and healing. If the person does not accept what you say, let it be, it is over. The most important thing is that you have spoken your truth. By doing so, you may have released the past life fear and cleared the past life energy, or you have taken your power back and balanced the karmic energy, or you have learned a valuable life lesson you have set up for yourself to learn from the other person.

The Bach Flower Essence Agrimony is one of the best healing modalities to assist us to release and transmute the old stuck energies in our Throat Chakra and Naval Chakra. It promotes ease of expression and restores the ability to express our true feelings and emotions no matter what these might be. It helps to create inner harmony and peace.

Another important aspect of a two-way communication is listening. When others are speaking, talking or expressing themselves, listen to them carefully and attentively. This shows them our genuine respect and treats them as equal human beings. Some people tend to be talkative and try all they can to get their voice to be heard or to convince others to believe their truth and their point of view, or even force others to believe their truth, but they never really listen to others – their truth, their feelings and their voice. Acknowledge and respect other people’s truth, although it is different from your truth.

We should be aware of not only our words, but also how we listen to what others are saying. Acknowledge the other person’s point of view, and allow them to speak their truth. If what they have said is not in agreement with our truth, simply detach from what they have said. We do not need to agree, but we do need to listen. If we do not agree with what has been said, just move on. There is no need to waste energy justifying ourselves. Unfortunately, many of us tend to take other people’s speaking and expression personally. We tend to feel we are being criticized, judged or ridiculed. When we feel this way we tend to fight back, either entering into endless justification or arguments about who is right and who is wrong.

We need to keep practicing emotional detachment and not take what others say or do personally; we need to keep reminding ourselves that often what the other person said or did is not meant to hurt us or disrespect us; it is just their way to deal with their own anger, fear, insecurity or many other ‘negative’ emotions. In most situations, what we think, do, act or react too are totally driven by our past life mental and emotional energy that is trapped in our soul memory, and it has nothing to do with our current situation. Because we do not have the understanding and awareness, we simply allow our subconscious to control and manipulate us. Thus, if we can just listen and simply respect others for having their own truth and their own way of life, and accept them as who they are and what they choose to be by giving them respect and acknowledgement, we can all work together and live together in peace and harmony. If so, how wonderful and beautiful the human world can be!