There is a lot of suffering happening in our world right now. We could all use some compassion in the way we treat one another. We are all equal. No one and no race are above another. We are the homo sapiens or human race. Each one of us, though equal, carries a spark of the Creator, and are unique. There is no one soul that is alike to another. However, regardless of your creed, belief, or religion, we are all Light beings, residing in organic or corporeal bodies which will one day disintegrate and be recycled in the organic/ physical realm.  Our souls are eternal. Our skin colour does not dictate our status/class. Everyone, whether a transient or King is susceptible to the same infective exposure of COVID. The COVID virus does not choose ranks to infect. Only humans discriminate. Having said that, the underlying discriminative nature of humans stems from one feeling more deserving or superior to another ( eg. Skin colour, heritage, status, class etc.)

Some people feel pity or sympathy for others. Please do not equate sympathy with compassion.  Sympathy comes from the Ego or Lower Self. As soon as we feel sympathy or pity for someone, we put ourselves above the other person and feel ourselves as being superior. A crude example can be a billionaire or millionaire feeling sorry for or sympathy towards a homeless person.  If we view the scenario through our naked eyes, perhaps we will say the billionaire lives a fancy lifestyle whereas the homeless person lives out in the cold without a bed etc. However, as most of us know, even the richest of man can be plagued by worries or have sleepless nights on a gilded bed if there is no peace of mind. A homeless person without a care in the world might sleep soundly in the park with birds chirping around him and breathing in fresh air. In short, it is just simplicity to assume having more money means we are better off. There are many people from the corporate world who gave up their fame, power, or money to live off the grid enjoying a simple but happy life.

Compassion comes from the highest consciousness in mankind. The Dalai Lama, who believes in ‘Oneness’ says that his religion is Compassion.  Indeed, you do not need a religion to be compassionate. It is our innate nature to love, emphasize, care, and feel compassion for our fellowmen. We are One. Regardless of our outer appearances or features, creeds, beliefs, religions, culture, etc., we are subjected to the same treatment from Gaia in this world. Photosynthesis that releases oxygen, is free to all.  No man is deprived of oxygen given by Gaia. Gaia doesn’t discriminate but sadly humans do. Many do not realize that when we hurt another soul, we are hurting ourselves.  It is like ‘chopping’ off your foot, but not knowing that it is attached to your body.  Those who can hurt another are unable to empathize, or feel the pain, or sufferings of others. On a personal level they feel separated from the rest.

Compassion can be in the form of thoughts and actions. One who is compassionate is usually highly evolved spiritually. She/he can empathize and feel the pain or sufferings of others and feel love and kindness towards her/his fellowmen. There are highly sensitive people known as empaths who take on the physical pains of others too. Often times, these people can be overloaded with emotions energetically if they do not know how to center their energy or unload the emotional bodies that they absorb.  Nowadays, with the wars that are going on, it is very sad to see the sufferings of our fellowmen. What we can do is take a moment and some time off daily to pray or send Love and Light to those war-torn areas and to all the war victims. This is the thought form of being compassionate. The Old Energy is still rearing its ugly head. Duality is cause and effect or push-and-pull as actions are met with reactions. The karmic wheel will keep on turning round and round as there are no winners in this.  The only solution is for one to catapult out of this vicious cycle. This can only be done by having compassion and going above all the dark cycles that consume all. Having compassion means to be able to see the Divinity in each individual soul, regardless of who they are.

I have mentioned in my previous posts that more and more darkness will surface and if one doesn’t cultivate spiritually, most of the time one will not be able to handle it well. And as actions are met with reactions, the Old Energy of Duality will consume us. Please understand that no one can act beyond their level of Consciousness.

Eg. If one is not spiritually evolved yet, one might take the lives of others because he/she cannot feel empathy towards others. The perpetrator is also a victim of his own crime which he may realize one day when he awakens. When we have this understanding, we can begin to forgive others and ourselves easier. This is the beginning path towards having compassion. However, it is not an easy path, especially if you have been hurt deeply by someone. But understand that having compassion will liberate you and bring you to the highest level of Consciousness, a place of peace that surpasses all understanding.

Be at Peace

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