Dennis Dossett

Confessions of a Past-Life Therapist©

When I was a junior in college, I worked the night shift in a saw mill about 20 miles north of the university. I remember getting an hour for lunch between 10:30 and 11:30pm and going out to my car to eat, getting warm (it was February in northern Idaho), and reading until I began the last four hours of my shift. On my 21st birthday I received a gift of two books about reincarnation from a favorite aunt and uncle. Although I had been superficially exposed to the topic before, these books were my first formal source of information. I was fascinated by them and fully convinced of their validity. Past-lives made sense to me but still, I just couldn’t understand why it was such a “big deal” as past-life experiences were just “water under the bridge.” I learned why it is such a “big deal” only much later in life when I experienced past-life regressions myself.

Fast forward almost four decades during which I read about metaphysics and studied world religions. By then I realized that most of the world’s population—across many cultures and millennia—believed in reincarnation. At the age of 59 I was asked by Margaret and Alan McElroy to join them in creating a metaphysical center for Margaret to counsel, do readings, teach, and channel Maitreya (a world teacher in Spirit). One day during a pause in our work, Margaret channeled Maitreya who “suggested” that I could be an excellent past-life therapist and, if I were interested, I could train to conduct past-life regression sessions. Afterward, Margaret told me about Dick Sutphen (hypnotherapist and prolific author pronounced as “America’s Foremost Psychic Researcher) who was conducting a week-long training session in southern California just a week before the scheduled opening of the Maitreya Center in Redmond, Washington. Jean Luo, my long-time friend and colleague and I completed the training together and practiced on each other and regularly for months. We have also helped each other professionally many times over the succeeding years.

•   Confession #1: Just because you know how to help other people with their life situations, doesn’t mean you are exempt from learning your own lessons and healing your own past-life trapped energy. If anything, your own spiritual development intensifies along the way, and you may well need the professional assistance of a trained and competent past-life therapist yourself.

When I first started, I thought that past-life regression was the only way to deal with trapped energy from past lives. Indeed, Maitreya seemed to support that belief. For example:
•   “There is only one thing to do in this situation and that is to get inside the subconscious mind and remove the memories, fears and doubts. There are people who are trained for this; they are trained in past-life regression and in hypnotherapy.” (Newsletter #53, 9/3/2002)
•   “The sooner you can deal with the blocks within you without fear (through past-life regression), the sooner you can raise your vibration and move forward in consciousness and vibration.” (Newsletter #195, 2/15/2007)

In truth, regression is arguably the most efficient way to heal past-life energy, but it is not the only way. In fact, for some people other methods may be more appropriate at any particular moment. I wrote a newsletter some time ago entitled “Meeting People where THEY are.” After all, past-life therapy is all about assisting people to raise their own vibration and to heal their own trapped past-life energy, nothing else.

•   “You have come to heal. … Eventually, if you allow it to happen, you will go to someone, a healer, past-life regressionist or therapist, a spiritual healer, somebody you will find who will be able to help you release the energy inside of you. Once that energy is gone, then you will be whole again.” (Newsletter “Healing”, 3/27/2016)

•  Confession #2: To become a more effective past-life therapist I had to learn other healing modalities (methods) and how to use them in ways that help clients to begin their healing process. Not everyone is ready (usually because of fear) to begin that process.

Not surprisingly, most clients are quite ill-informed (if not totally clueless) regarding metaphysical (and especially spiritual) energy principles. “Ignorance is bliss” as the old saying goes, but it is no excuse when it comes to actually doing the work. And it is ALWAYS about the client doing the necessary work. The best therapist (or physician for that matter) cannot do what the client (or patient) must do for themselves. Consequently, it is incumbent on the therapist to assist the client in understanding the context or background to what happened in a past life, exactly what happened, what their soul in that past life experienced, how they interpreted it, and how it is affecting their life in the present.

These questions are a normal part of a well-conducted past-life regression, but it is the therapist’s job to assist the client in accessing this information. Even if the therapist intuitively “knows” some of this information, the client must be able to acknowledge it, accept it, and accept their responsibility for healing (detaching) from it. The therapist cannot do it for them. Why? Because there is nothing as real or convincing as one’s own experience. That is why regression is such an important tool for healing and soul evolution. Nonetheless, the therapist frequently needs to guide the client to their own realizations. That requires the therapist to develop, practice, and hone their skills as a counsellor, teacher, and/or healer as complements—or sometimes alternatives—to past-life regression. In fact, the therapist often spends more time on these support activities than in conducting the regression itself.

•  Confession #3: Being a past-life therapist is not just about conducting past-life regression sessions. Helping clients to integrate their regression experience into their daily life requires developing and honing other skills critical to being a successful past-life therapist.

Just like any other soul, a therapist is a spiritual “work in progress,” no better (or “higher”) than any other soul, just “different.” Through years of experience, I have learned that my clients’ life situations and reactions (as well as life lessons) often mirror my own. I am reminded of the opening lines of “Getting to Know You,” a song from Rogers and Hammerstein’s stage play (1951) and movie (1956) The King and I: “It’s a very ancient saying, | But a true and honest thought, | That if you become a teacher, | By your pupils you’ll be taught.” I can absolutely verify the validity of that statement having been a teacher for over 60 years.

•  Confession #4: You never stop learning; that is why we are here on this earth plane. Like it or not, you can’t unlearn what you have learned. You can deny it (run away—how’s that working for you?), ignore it (repress it—how’s that working for you?), or you can be proactive and do something with it to help you grow into a better version of yourself. This almost always boils down to acknowledging deep, underlying fear(s) in the subconscious mind that hold us back from raising our vibration (a.k.a. soul evolution). In short, the only way out is doing the work.

•   “Once you face your fear it ceases to be. It is gone. Yet, while you have the fear you are rigid at even the thought of it. That rigidity will bind you in a prison forever unless you become more pliable. What is your fear? Where does this fear come from? You may say ‘It comes from an experience in this life’ and yet you will usually find it is connected to past lives too. Only by going into that lifetime and freeing yourself from it will you be free of the fear. You may say, ‘I do not think I am good enough/capable enough/strong enough etc., to do it,’ and while you make that statement you never will be.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #230, “Fear”)

•  Confession #5: I have to say that, when I first started doing past-life regressions, I was reluctant, unsure, (OK, downright fearful). To be honest I thought that past-life regression was the only way to help people to become the Master of their own life. I really didn’t understand that a Past-Life Therapist is called upon to do so much more. I have been blessed with many professionally rewarding experiences over the years in my various jobs and professional practice. But now I find the role of Past-Life Therapist absolutely to be the most personally rewarding profession I have ever practiced in my entire life. Nothing “makes my day” like visibly seeing the “weight of the world” lifting off a client’s shoulders, seeing their fear and concern turn into smiles and bubbling laughter, and hearing their words of gratitude after a reading, counseling, or healing—almost all of which involve their detaching from past-life, trapped energy. And, wonderful for me, it happens with considerable regularity. I love it!

•   “Often what we are asked to do is not comfortable to us, but if one is in the Higher Self, it should not be a problem. … seeing those who receive Maitreya’s energy in healing, a past-life session, teaching, or a reading or other service, makes it all worthwhile.” ~ Margaret McElroy (Team Maitreya Newsletter, 9/1/2015)

I remember something that Margaret McElroy (my dear teacher) channeled:•   “If you have helped just one other person in this life, your life has been worthwhile.” ~ Maitreya

I’m working on it. How about you?

After many requests, Jean Luo finally persuaded me to create a course for Certification as a Past-Life Therapist. There is a real need for qualified therapists at this time, and it is a great way to contribute (on either a part-time or full-time basis) toward helping individuals to raise their vibration as well as humanity as a whole. Whether family, friends, or the general public, the opportunity to serve is now even closer at hand. To help you decide whether such a course is right for you, please check out this short Youtube video about the course, its content, and the cost (Introduction and Overview of the Past-Life Therapist Certification Course).

Have a great month!