Living in the UK, the past couple of weeks have been quite intense emotionally. In a country becoming increasingly apathetic politically, the Brexit debate has brought out strong emotions on both sides. Maybe strong emotions are better than apathy; at least people are getting involved. The intensity of emotions however, has brought an interesting lesson for me, and perhaps this situation has been the best way for me to learn.

I have for a long time been aware that I can be quite emotional and sometimes these emotions overpower me and incapacitate myself from learning/ taking appropriate action. I had just accepted this and decided that controlling the emotional body was out of my range of possibility. And at the time I was probably right. The Brexit debate however, has given me an opportunity to work on this.

It just happened that friends in my yoga class unanimously (can you believe it, not even one person agreeing with me) held the opposite view from me on this issue and they were quite strong in their belief that Britain needed to remain in the EU. At first I just listened and was fine, but after a while started to get really fed up, especially when nearly my whole newsfeed on Facebook was taken up with their political beliefs. GRRRR! It got worse after the result and Britain had voted to leave the EU. There were an increasing number of posts about how terrible and shocking the result was, etc. I started to get instantly angry and started reacting by writing comments on their posts. I also started wondering if I needed to change my Facebook habits and stop logging on so much. Maybe I do.

It all came to a head when I went to my yoga class on Saturday morning already worked up from what had been happening. Once I got to the class I lost it and told everyone exactly what I thought, ending with my yoga teacher telling me to pack it in. As soon as I lay down in the corpse pose I started crying and all the emotion came out. My friend next to me held my hand (love!). I explained what I was upset about was I felt I was being told I couldn’t have my own beliefs – actually this was also bringing out past life energy with these people when they had tried to force me to take on their beliefs. So interesting how a situation can have so many different healing benefits. After the class we were all fine and I felt tired, but better for the emotional release (maybe I had been releasing emotion from the whole country too) and happy I had been able to express my truth clearly and quietly.

Back home I saw more emotional posts and got angry. However I made myself go outside and take a break. I also meditated. I realised (as I had heard recently) that I needed to get a greater control over the emotional body. Meditating seemed to help with this. Today I have seen EU related posts and have managed not to waste any energy and not get involved. I’m not even bothered, just surprised by the intensity of emotions people are feeling. PROGRESS! Maybe this is why there are no EU posts on my feed at the moment – I have learned my lesson.

I hope this article hasn’t been political, I have just intended to show what I have learned from this experience and its value to me. It is the beginning of me gaining greater control over the emotional body, YAY!