I had a temporary big fear when I raised my prices. My fear was telling me I was over pricing myself, even though I saw it as an investment in a person’s future. It was the same with the mediumistic course; but Maitreya had told me to put a worth on myself for what I go through after the reading or class. The fear surfaced as it did before, when I was given the Masters course in 1996 and told to put the price of $3,000US on it. At that time, I spent a whole week in argument with myself over the price. Once I got my first student, she had told me she had come into some money that week, $3,000US to be exact, which she knew at that time she had been given for the course! What a great confirmation!

However, this time around, I ignored the fear, and chose to go with my decision. Now the readings are coming in, and a mediumistic course also. I created my own reality. Each one of us has the ability to create our own reality, but because of fear, guilt, doubt, disbelief, lack of confidence, and other emotions, we stop ourselves from achieving it. The emotions cloud us and stop the manifestation of that reality we so desire.

This week I have the opportunity to teach Metaphysics at a Business College, to a large group of business students. It is something not tried at the College before, a new curriculum so to speak, and the College is not afraid to look at it. The College is known for going beyond the norm and is not afraid of trying anything new. In the beginning when I started my work, even before Maitreya came in, I consulted people in business, mostly small business owners. Through this consultation, I was able to assist them to either change a failing business around, or help them create a new business. When Maitreya came in, this advice became more in depth, and larger businesses came to consult me. I had no failures, and once astrology came into my life, these consultations became even more profuse, as it gave me more information to work on along with my growing intuition.

However, I was never able to be publicly acknowledged for these consultations, as consulting an intuitive, a psychic, was not looked upon favorably at the time. In fact, it was considered by many quite evil, or not trustworthy, and most clients did not want anyone to know they had consulted with me. It had to be done in secret. They would give me a testimonial, but only that. No name or authorization to give their name out.

From 2004 on, I stopped doing what I called Corporate readings, and concentrated on my teaching and individual readings; I was also going through the final stages of a lot of personal healing, past life energy and work on myself. Corporate work, apart from clients whom I did not realize until doing the individual reading for them had businesses, was almost nonexistent. I wanted so badly to do Corporate work, but it did not seem to manifest. I kept putting it out there to the Universe though, letting the Universe know I had the desire to do this kind of work, never giving up the dream. Finally, last week the door opened again, and I was invited to speak at the business college.

It is an introductory lecture; I will not get paid for it, but I do not care one hoot. It will show the College my potential, and I know Maitreya will be there doing the lecture, I will just be his mouthpiece! I also know it will be an amazing lecture, and even though an introductory one, it will create more interest. It is time for Metaphysics to enter the Business world and to become a way of life. The lecture will not be filled with doom and gloom, Maitreya does not believe in that; it will be full of hope, positivity, direction for success, and because it is so, it will become so.

Although my dream was put on hold for a while, I never gave up. It has taken many years to fulfill, and I realize now, because of the work I have done on myself, that it will be bigger and better than ever. I no longer have any of the fear I had before; I still did my work, but imagine how much better it would have been without the fear! I know I could have given more without it.

What is your dream? What do you want to do, what is your passion? Do not give up that dream, it can happen, I am proof and an example of that. Create your own reality and make your dreams come true. Keep dreaming!

by Margaret McElroy