Creator or Victim of Your Own Reality

The current social and political climate seems to be one of constant grievance and victimhood. Living in a reality where someone has wronged me, or I am just a victim of someone else’s action or inaction creates an endless loop of staying stuck in a reality controlled by others.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection as of late about when I’ve blamed an outcome or circumstance on another. Unfortunately, the number of instances I’ve blamed on others are too numerous to count. It’s easy to get stuck in this mode because the superficial response of our lower self is to shift us into a victim mentality of blame. With this perspective or state of mind, our difficult circumstances are easily seen through the lens of being the victim of someone else’s choices rather than an opportunity for personal growth.

The self-aspect of our being is trying to blame another rather than accept the challenging experience as a learning opportunity. When we feed the self with emotions of poor me and I am a victim of my circumstances, we can’t see that the Universe is in fact trying to assist us to assume responsibility for our life.

By accepting responsibility for our life, we take ownership of our Soul Purpose. All our experiences are related to Soul growth. The Universe is constantly recalibrating itself based on our choices. By changing our mindset and facing our challenges and fears, we can manifest what we need and truly become the creators of our own reality. Creating our own reality leads to being the Masters of our Destiny.

I decided to look up in the Maitreya Wisdom Cards how many times the phrase, “creator of your own reality” appeared. Of the 88 cards, the phrase is used once in 5 cards and twice in The Creator card. Below is a hot link to each of the cards, they give a nice insight into shifting your energy to being the creator of your own reality.

#4 Awareness

#11 Communication

#30 Experience

#45 Just Do It

#52 Manifestation

#78 The Creator

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Have a great month, start creating your own reality.