Progressing on your spiritual path is a daily exercise. There is not one day that does not matter, and yet at the same time each day brings its own challenges, choices and experiences. Everything you do is spiritual; that may be a scary statement to some, but only if you are judging what you think the term spiritual means. One of the biggest gifts I have discovered in doing this work is how I am able to surrender the day to day anxiety of how I used to feel.

We are conditioned to be stressed out, to be busy, to be anxious, and to keep track of countless tasks, ideas and concepts in our mind at any given time. This is the mental chatter that can shout over the voice of your intuition. However, as you begin to let that stress go, bit by bit, you begin to discover the peace of surrender.
Imagine if you could let go of remembering everything that you needed to do. Well, you don’t have to! Learn to surrender to Spirit, to allow them to show you when to take guided action. Learn to quiet the mental chatter, so that your intuition can speak to you. Of course there are days when the voice of that mental chatter is made louder by emotional circumstances, fatigue or frustration. But, as we all continue to move forward, we can learn to listen to this voice less and less.

Every day is an opportunity to learn to listen. To listen to you inner voice and see what it is saying. Is it the inner voice of fear, stress, and doubt? Or is it the inner voice that gently guides you to what you need, when you need it. I am always amazed at the results of listening to the guiding voice of my intuition. But, there are days when I have to work very hard to listen, to let it come through without being drowned out by the mental energy of what is going on around me.

This is why every day is a chance to learn, and every day is a chance to raise you vibration. Each person will go about it differently, and has different lessons to learn. But, that learning always takes place by listening to the voice of your Higher Self and Spirit, prompting you toward your next experience. So, how do you surrender to Spirit? You do so by living in the Now; not worrying about what has happened in the past, and not fearing what tomorrow brings. In that moment of the Now, you will always know what needs to be done for your best and highest good. Sometimes it might not be what you think.