DAILY GUIDELINES – Moving from Mental Confusion to Inner Clarity


The 5 Steps to Negative Ego Reprogramming:

  1. RELABEL – Identify the negative thought or emotion as a distorted pattern of negative ego consciousness. This Fear is my Negative Ego. This is not the real me.
  2. RE-ATTRIBUTE – Disidentify from the thought or emotion as you. As you begin to master your emotional states, you can begin to choose. I am the eternal being, not my thoughts or emotions.
  3. REFOCUS – Move yourself out of the situation, environment, or the trigger for that thought. Go for a walk, listen to music, change your focus. Affirm: Not my will but Divine will.
  4. REVALUE – Revalue the power you have given this thought or emotion to rule your life. See it for what it truly IS. Limiting you. Disempowering you. Robbing you of inner peace and fulfillment as a Divine being. Get behind ME, Ego! I AM that I AM!
  5. REQUEST Help – Commit to expressing Higher Emotion and Living your Soul Purpose. Ask for help from Spirit. Work your tools. Be here now!

DAILY GOAL – Monitor and Track your SELF Awareness, by Cultivating the Witness.

The Witness or Observer has no judgment. It allows observation of external events without needing to control the outcome. Practice this intentionally as a daily exercise.

Repeat Love I AM. I AM Love

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