Daily Message from Our Angels
by Laura Elliott

We digress to the infant state when we are in fear. It is the Ego Self that is fed when we cry and our needs are met as a child, and thus we learn to become victims of circumstance. If we are not taken care of immediately, we perceive this as a slight and that there must be something wrong with us that our needs are not being met when we express the desire or a need for something. This leads us deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of self-loathing and self-victimization. We learn at an early age the pain of separation from our True Selves and from our other halves, be that masculine or feminine.  We have forgotten that this is what we chose to experience of our own free will and we forget the joy we felt at the opportunity we were being given to be a part of this experience on Earth.

Many here are actual human souls that have progressed up through the life forms having experienced everything from 1st Density, to 2nd Density, and now 3rd Density. But many of you are here to help those of 3rd Density to progress to their next evolution of 4th Density.  You were already 4th or 5th Density yourselves from other galaxy’s that came to help your Galactic brothers and sisters here on the Earth because it was discovered that they had fallen into the wrong hands and were being led down a path, though of their own free will, that would stagnate their growth and keep them in bondage for eons more than they have already been.  That is why things have been as they have in recent years. We use that term, recent years, loosely as time is still a strange concept for us to grasp.  We have allowed events to progress as you have chosen with your free will, but the time has come for us to step in to prevent the destruction of your souls. There are still those who will choose to stay the course on their chosen path, but we are making as many as we can aware that the choice is indeed available to them to change paths as the doors are still open and the way clear to the New Earth.  We wish to save as many as we can, but ultimately, the choice is still yours.

Do not fall prey to the fear mongering, for that only lowers your vibration and leaves you susceptible to those who feed off your fear and use it to keep you imprisoned in self-victimization. You are all extremely power-full Spiritual Beings who have the ability to take your power back and to undo the training of victimization and the loss of self-worth learned as children.  You do not come into this world having fear of experiences, nor judging the outcome of those experiences as good or bad, these are things that are taught to you.  And we say this not to place blame on parents.  No, these traditions of teaching right, wrong, good and bad have been programmed into you eons ago.  Because these things lead to fear, and fear keeps you trapped in a lower vibration and serving those who only serve themselves and their own best interests.  But with awareness comes great power, which is why you have been kept in darkness from knowing and connecting with your True Spiritual Selves.  As you are reminded of these circumstances, and you choose to break the bondage from the learning/training you have received, you then take your power back and make the conscious choice at every moment to live in LOVE rather than fear thereby raising your vibration and elevating you to the next level of your development.

This option is available to you, but first you must integrate this Awareness we are giving you and release the bonds of victimhood that you have become so very fond of holding onto.  We say that you are fond of holding onto being a victim because your lives seem so much more bearable if you can blame someone else for the choices that you have actually made yourselves regarding the experiences you chose to have while you were here.  Just because you don’t remember the plans you had for your trip here doesn’t mean that you didn’t have them.  Everyone plans for their trip here before they come and have asked the assistance of many in Spirit and who are a part of their Soul Group to help them to fulfill those plans.  If you are able to understand this truth, and can release the assigning of judgement to the outcomes of your experiences, you will then realize there is no reason to assign blame to anyone, let alone yourselves, and be able to stop being a victim and step back into your Power of Choice.

We urge you to heed our message at this time and to re-connect with your True Being-ness that is your Higher Self, to remember your direct connection to the Creator that your Higher Self always maintains, and to start making choices for the best and highest good of your everlasting Soul.