‘De-Clutter Your Space = De-Clutter Your Mind’

by Jacquie Verbeek, inspired by The Happi Cards (TM)

Another way of explaining de-cluttering our space is: if you accumulate things, you stop the flow of energy. Therefore, by de-cluttering, it has a knock-on effect of  giving us clearer, more peaceful minds.

My daughter created The Happi Cards after we’d completed Margaret’s Beginner’s Metaphysics course, and my response was promising, “Ok, ok, I’ll sort through my things and chuck some things out!”

Initially I found it very hard to throw things away, but I persevered and bagged some things up and gave them to a charity, or thrift shop. Any clothes I hadn’t worn for two years, unwanted gifts sitting in cupboards, and inherited household goods that I hadn’t used since they were passed on to me, which were just cluttering up my space, were given away and I felt lighter.

But, until studying metaphysics, I thought my poster only referred to material things. However, I later realised that it also, and more importantly, referred to what’s in our minds.

So, what kind of things have I accumulated in my mind over the years?  Well, my list contains: regrets, guilt, resentment, inhibitions, fears – all these things were cluttering up my mind. Can you make up your own list?

What stops the flow of energy in our minds?

Worry, doubt, anxious thoughts, fear – yes, our ego thoughts are the main things that keep our minds cluttered up. If we want to clear our minds, first of all we need to be aware of our thoughts, then take control of them and see what they’re doing to us. The following is an exercise you can try, to help you de-clutter your mind, with continued practice will eventually bring you peace.

Right now, for a few minutes, put all your accumulated thoughts to one side, be in the NOW moment and meditate. It’s something you may need to practise initially, but if you live in the NOW moment, just for a few minutes daily, by literally telling yourself you are NOT going to worry and you are ONLY going to focus on what you are doing now – which ironically is nothing! – you are going to forget your fears and enjoy THIS MOMENT – try it and see what you experience. Please let me know!

You may have a feeling of lightness, freedom, and happiness – it’s all there INSIDE you, inside your heart and mind – and if you learn to de-clutter your space and mind, you will allow energy to flow and have these good feelings all the time. But for now, practise on a daily basis and it will become a habit and you will change your way of being.

I hope you’ve found this blog some food for thought – but it’s not at all fattening!

With love, as ever

Jacquie Verbeek