Defeating the Ego-Self
by Laura Elliott

As I was sitting thinking about what I’d like to submit for the newsletter and my blog this month I realized I had the perfect thing to talk about.  My life has once again provided the learning opportunity I needed when I needed it.  A part of our Ascension process involves us recognizing our Ego, or Lower Self, when it is trying to control us.  It is rather insistent and always finds a way to sneak in when we’re least expecting it.  And even when you think you’ve overcome a challenge your Higher Self finds a way to help you see that you haven’t quite learned the lesson as well as you thought you had.

Let me briefly set up the scene for you.  I had a career for 25 years and then took 2 years off.  If you’ve read my blog, you’re already familiar with the process and challenges I faced in going back to work doing the same thing but for a different organization.  For those of you that haven’t, it was like starting all over again and the 25 years of experience I had in the field wasn’t counting for anything.  For those of you that have worked in a career for a long time you can understand what a blow to the Ego that can be.  It was difficult, but I thought I’d found peace with it and was ready to accept the place and situation I was in.  My Higher Self however had other plans.  It knew I hadn’t quite let the Ego part of me go and set up a new challenge for me to be able to take a look at the fact that I was still allowing the Ego to cause me to react rather than detaching and experiencing the situation from a place of neutrality which would allow me the opportunity to take my Power back and RESPOND to the situation rather than having a knee jerk reaction to it.

Even with all the work I’ve been doing on myself to remember my True State of Being I will say that this still managed to take me by surprise.  I actually spent days feeling justified in being upset at how they were treating me, how unfair it all was, and concerned about what the situation would look like to my coworkers.  The whole situation kept playing over and over in my mind and was driving me bonkers, and while I wished I could get a break and not think about it for a minute, I finally realized that it was a gift my Higher Self was giving me by continuing the playback until I finally realized that this was an Ego issue and that it’s being brought before me again now because it’s time for me to overcome the Ego in this way.  I became so lost in the situation that I’d lost the perspective I’m often teaching others about, which is detaching from a situation and looking at it from a place of neutrality and non-judgement.  Events, experiences, situations are not in themselves “good” or “bad” “right” or “wrong” but neutral things.  It is only our judgement of them that makes them “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, and then we experience the associated feelings we’ve assigned to those judgements.  When we remember that we can CHOOSE not to assign these judgements to our experiences, events, and situations we are then able to TAKE OUR POWER BACK and to free ourselves from existing in victim mode.

At some point long ago, we were taught these concepts of “good” “bad” right” and “wrong” and when we were “bad” or “wrong” we would feel powerless and thereby adopt an attitude of victimhood.  This led down a long and winding road down the rabbit hole until we began to believe this was our natural state.  IT ISN’T!  And these lessons we learned of powerlessness and victimhood thoroughly permeated our sense of self until we came to believe it was natural and that we were unable to change those circumstances.  The Angels are here at this time to remind us that what we’ve come to think of as our natural state is nothing but a power play created to keep us controllable and from remembering the TRULY POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS WE ARE.  If we were to remember this and take our true power back, then we would not be as malleable as we are when we believe we are powerless and victims of circumstances.  It is only by Awakening to this situation that we can change it.

This concept plays to our Ego-Self nicely.  For me, in this particular situation that has been playing out at work, my Ego-Self is saying “well, you’ve done this career for so long how could they doubt your ability” and it led me down the road of experiencing many of the Fear based emotions; anger, humiliation, doubt, indignation, and fear of how I’d support myself if this situation caused me to lose my job.  To put it simply, there are only 2 emotions, Love and Fear, and all other emotions fit under either one of those.  So, at any time you’re not existing in a Love emotion (i.e. happiness, joy, compassion, peace) you are existing in a Fear emotion.  When you exist in a Fear based emotional energy you are functioning from a lower vibrational space and it is counterproductive to our desire to move forward in our Spiritual Development.  In the Awareness of this Truth we are then able to recognize when we are in a Fear based emotional space and CHOOSE to switch back to a Love based emotional space.  In so doing we TAKE OUR POWER BACK and are able to look at the situation that brought up those Fear based emotions from a place of neutrality and to see why we responded to the trigger, to understand that it is an opportunity given to us by our Higher Selves to recognize that we are able to CHOOSE to respond rather than to blindly react.

I am indeed still human at this point and going through the same process of Awakening as everyone else.  So, I hope in sharing my challenges and also what the Angels and my Higher Self are teaching me that I can help many others with their Journey of Awakening.  Because even when we think we have learned, or rather remembered, since we all know this information but have only forgotten it for a while, our Higher Selves will serve us up another similar experience for us to see that yes, we have indeed got it down, or no, we haven’t quite remembered the concept as well as we thought we had.  It is not a punishment to re-experience uncomfortable situations or events but rather opportunities.  If you are able to change your perspective, then you are able to change your attitude about these experiences, events and situations and accept them as the message of Love from your Higher Self that they are meant to be.

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