Different Perspectives

I love the way Mercury retrograde operates, I really do. Yes, there is much confusion, misinterpretation, miscommunication, and delays. Everything is breaking – cars, phones, appliances, friendships, and relationships, but only in order so they can be fixed or changed. Change is good. Change tends to push us from our “everything is fine” comfort zone.  Why? Because in order to grow and evolve, we need different approaches and perspectives. For me, I can’t see a better way than to go out and explore. Embrace and learn from the new experiences.

The human species is heavily conditioned by our ancestry, society, religion and family dynamics. Every culture has its own dynamics and the way it operates. There is no coincidence relating to the place and family you were born into. Your soul chose this particular community to enable you to learn, experience and notice the contrasts.

I never felt comfortable in my homeland. I often became overwhelmed with frustration and anger. I was constantly asking myself “why” I must live here? Where is the way out? My soul wanted to have space for roaming and exploring, and a place to think and learn at my own pace. I encountered many difficulties that inhibited my free-spirited mind from expressing itself in a higher manner and I constantly faced limitations and suppression due to my surroundings. It was challenging for sure, but it helped me tremendously to face my fears relating to authenticity, abandonment and judgement.  My South node, in the fourth house of family, home and emotional stability is in Aquarius, which beautifully describes my past life beliefs about this subject. Unfortunately, our main task is to focus and follow our North node! Mine is Leo in the 10th house, pulling me toward authenticity, self-identity and courage to be myself (no matter what society has to say about it).

It has not been easy, and I still struggle sometimes as I try and explain why I had to leave. Leaving has allowed me to break free and find better suited surroundings. This enabled me to continue to explore and find myself and de-condition myself.

My personal belief is that we need to be true to our self. It is our main purpose for being on this planet at point in time. We must be brave enough to stand our ground and follow our mission and purpose (Live our North Node in our Natal charts).

I can’t think of better way of doing that except embracing change and making new experiences so we can change our perspective and rise.

Be safe my friends. Don’t argue over your side of the story and embrace the fact that each of us have our own lessons, path and pace of learning. Everyone has a right to a different perspective on the same subject.  And that is simply OK.